Editor’s Note: Yes, yes, yes…manifestation works! Adding a link sent in by M. below. My curiosity about Tartarus has been assuaged by this share from reader K. Please read how Earth history has been written by “the winners”, learn how doors are opening for all, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Minette Christel KotzéIT/Project/Bookkeeping Consultant at EntrepreneurPublished Oct 18, 2020Follow


The official history is hiding a major world power which existed as late as the 19th century. Tartary was a country with its own flag, its own government and its own place on the map. Its territory was huge, but somehow quietly incorporated into Russia, and some other countries. This country you can find on the maps predating the second half of the 19th century.

Yet, some time in the 18th century Tartary Muskovite was the biggest country in the world: 3,050,000 square miles.

The flag and crest of Tartary had an owl depicted on it. The emperor’s flag contained a griffin on a yellow background.

There is a growing opinion in Russia that French invasion of Russia played out according to a different scenario.

The one where Tsar Alexander I, and Napoleon were on the same side. Together they fought against Tartary.

Essentially France and Saint Petersburg against Moscow (Tartary). And there is a strong circumstantial evidence to support such a theory.

They built the Great Wall in what is now China. Marco Polo wrote an extensive and detailed account of Asia in the 13th and 14th centuries and did not even mention a wall. The Great Wall is not seen on any maps pre-dating the late 1600’s. So most of it’s construction occurred in 1700’s and it was built to keep the encroaching Chinese out of Tartaria. The openings on the wall are on the north side towards the former Tartary not on the south China facing side. It should be called the Great Wall of Tartaria. The further back in time you go the more advanced it gets. There are many pyramids of different kinds. Megalithic temples hewn out of solid rock. The Ellora Caves in India. The colossal underground monolithic churches of Lalibela Ethiopia. Extensive underground tunnel systems. The astonishing Serapeum of Saqqara in Egypt. The earlier the monolithic stone the bigger it is and the more precision it is cut with. The earlier the structure the more incapable we are of replicating it. Never was mortar used. In past ages the world was more diverse. Skeletons of giants are found on all continents. And remains of beings with elongated skulls. Graveyards of little people and horned human like entities have been unearthed. Now it is as if these beings have never existed. Like the Tartarians they are never mentioned. We live in a virtual reality where true history is ignored and covered up. A totally false narrative is taught. Fantasies have replaced truth and everything is pushed way back to the remote past. Older advanced structures are credited to local people who came later who have no idea how to build them. Deception has been utilized to push history back a thousand years and create an artificial dark age. The time of Jesus was less than 1000 years ago. In the Middle Ages the i and J before numbers designated Jesus. Not the number one. For example i346 is 346 years after the time of Jesus. It is not 1346. Way back in the Old Testament at the time immediately following the Exodus it states that the Israelites used the Arc of the Covenant as a weapon of war. Against the Amorites, Midianites and Philistines. So the use of energy weapons has been going on for over a thousand years. It was perfected to the point where it was able to take out many millions of Tartarians. The energy weapons melted cities and destroyed the civilizations of Egypt, Greece and Rome which were approximately of the same time period as Jesus and were heavily influenced by Tartaria. Not only are they pushed way back into remote history, the extent of their empires have been fabricated. Destroying the pyramid complex was the first objective of the Israelites. Puma Punku which is part of the Tiahuanacu complex in Bolivia had interlocking megaliths of andesite and diorite. These are types of granite only surpassed in hardness by diamonds but they were somehow carved with laser like flatness. Now they are broken and shattered and blown to bits. Tiahuanaco and Puma Punku is said to have been built by a simple local migrating tribe. This idea is used all over the world to dismiss and cover-up the ancient advanced cultures. Energy weaponized from the Arc of the Covenant is what brought down the Walls of Jericho. The Arc was an electrical capacitor composed of silver and brass alloys and gilded with gold. It’s true purpose was to store and direct energy from the Earth to outside sources. But transporting it around was very dangerous and it caused people to become sick and die. It had a constant radiation but it also sent out intermittent electrical surges where many people were killed instantly. The ones who carried it had to wear protective clothing. The electrical capacity of such an apparatus would be over 500 volts. Opposing armies would be defenseless against such a weapon. The volume or cubic capacity of the empty coffer inside the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza is exactly the same volume as the Arc of the Covenant. According to Egyptian tradition the Israelites plundered Egypt during the upheaval at the time of the Exodus. They took the Arc out of the so called Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza at this time. The tribe of Israel also used religion as a means to get their foot in the door in the ruling affairs of foreign countries. A religious leader holds great power able to influence many simple minds who believe the leader’s edicts are from God. The Druids who held such sway in England were Jewish. So were the Jesuits. So have been all the Popes and the Mormon leaders. The reason why Jewish people look down upon Christians is because they know they invented the Christian religion. Jewish beliefs are just a rendition of the former appearances and interactions of planetary Gods. Books written in Tartary were rewritten and sold as Jewish history. Much of the content was fabricated and interfused with traditional local beliefs. This is how they sold their religion. They used Monks to write what they wanted making them think they were doing God’s work. The burning of old books and the rewriting of them in order to change history is the real Reformation. The Library of Alexandria in Egypt was purposely destroyed to limit knowledge. Making deals with kings was a way they were able to get control of a country’s financial system. Once one controls the money supply and its allotments then they control the country. In this way righteous kings were replaced by insurgent kings who defrauded the people to take part in unjust wars. Just fake an event such as a murder, blame it on another country, add some patriotic and religious slogans, demonize the other country and you have created a war. In the Middle Ages the spraying of viruses not only eliminated entire villages it caused the Black Plague which killed off over 70 million people in Europe. Disease was a favorite weapon used against the Tartarian kingdom. In 1346 at the Siege of Kaffa in the Ukraine the Tartarians suffered an epidemic of plague brought on by the catapulting of viruses into the city. Fire was used to burn crops and create famine. The 1490’s saw the first signs of collapse of the Tartary Empire. In 1666 the city of London was intentionally burned. Tartaria was severely weakened in 1775. But it remained until the early 1800’s. When Napoleon attacked Russia, Moscow was hit by an energy weapon. So was Washington DC in the War of 1812. These wars were actually wars against Tartarians. The first two world wars were to wipe out remaining Tartarian influences. Genghis Khan was said to be a Mogul. Mogul is just a made-up name which is then associated with Mongolia. Genghis Khan fought to restore the kingdom of Tartary and reclaim their land. His mounted warriors were called Tartars. Now Tartary is associated with hell. Many buildings in America demolished or still standing, said to be built by early pioneers or native people in America were in fact built by the Tartars. Disease was also used against the native people in the Americas. It is estimated that 95% of them perished from disease. Mostly smallpox. The Aztecs looked upon the Spaniards as the returning of their light colored god. Their beliefs harkened back to the events in the ancient sky when a light colored god came down from the heavens to save them. But these light colored people came to kill them. The Old World Order was replaced by the New World Order. And the Gregorian Calendar was instituted. To force the common people to accept a new false chronology. Peace and freedom was been replaced by being fenced up in strict borders. The suppression of Tartary coincides with the new teaching of evolution. We just think we are evolving. We have become disconnected with nature and disconnected with reality. It was not always like that. The farther back in time you go the more connected and at peace we were. With ourselves, with the animals and with the land we lived on.



11 thoughts on “THE GREAT TARTARIAN EMPIRE – May 19, 2023

  1. I agree with almost everything said here about Tartary. I do take exception regarding anything the Jews or Masons say about having written & made up the Jesus of the Bible themselves. I wouldn’t trust either of them as far as I could throw them right now.

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    1. And yet here you are on the WORST disinformation site known to those with logic and common sense. What does that say for your level of intelligence to continue to remain deaf and blind to years of absolute lies 24/7? Are you not able to determine between blatant lies printed daily with not a shred of evidence or proof ever given? Judys intel contact is absolutely nonsense, including the long list of outed opposition fake “truthers” that numerous credible sites have exposed as nothing more than liars and greedy get rich quick scams to push Noble Gold sales and their fake tours. Claiming they are close to or inside Trumps circle, must be questioned, Why claim to be close to a man that was never president? Or to keep repeating the 2020 election was stolen, when in fact it never was. To constantly claim the “Military” declared Trump winner after counting water marked ballots is absolutely garbage. I demand proof, provide evidence that a Corporate election was stolen. You cant can you Cindy? Of course she cant. Maybe thats too hard for any proof, then prove the 650 plane loads of gold confiscated from under the Vatican. She cant because that is also a lie, isnt it Cindy? Otherwise why is Trump needing Chinese Elders to back the Reset? Which there is NO ELDERS. Having all that GOLD, there should not be any problem that the reset should already happened years ago. This is deception at its worst, contrived of blatant lies disguised as “Hopium”. If this rag site cared about this country, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Justice, Power returned to the People, Total honesty, WHY would the People’s wealth transfer be last on the list? Why is greedy Judy only mention her tier4b every day waiting on a pay out, only the (us, internet group) is all we hear about day in and day out. Who in their right mind would ever accept any Govt, Military, Royals, Whales , Elites with platforms(whatever the hell that is). Churchs? (London/Vatican control all the churches) Same ones that has controlled every selected President and officials the past 160+ years, including liar trump. Theres a huge amount of people emailing Anna Von Reitz about this lying rag and demanding exposure of its despicable false hopium and the real truth. Oh and by the way Jews and Masons have never hidden the truth, it has always been “In plain sight” and have always believed the sheep too stupid to see it, again they were partially right, you are overly stupid sheep, and it is you where the problem lays and can not be trusted. Rothschilds, Vatican, Uk, Israel, are the bottom of the totem pole, their overlords are the Reptilians and their overlords are the Demons that control every aspect of life and the truth of human creation. Your Bible is garbage, your too stupid to accept it. Bible thumpers are sickening. Your bible is nothing more than a manuscript, altered and rewritten several times…NO GOD….NO JESUS. Deal with it.


      1. Wow, I see you are fed up with all the lies, exactly what I’ve tried to tell people about this whole thing…the ‘white hats’ and the ‘black hats’ are two sides of the same coin. It’s a no brainer, and I don’t like being lied to, not even a noble lie…is there such a thing? the Chinese elders do exist, they are not human…this is a tricky game. I don’t agree with the whole ‘rust the plan’, I’ve stated this many times, it’s a mantra, a trigger to shut down anyone who wants proof. I want this movie to be OVER…they are going for their blockbuster biblical movie ending here.
        As for the Bible, yes, it’s definitely not all truth, and most everything in this life is a lie…that is the game. There are nuggets of truth, the matrix does put it out but it is mixed with lies to confuse us. What we need is to stop listening to everyone outside us and listen to our inside. Our inner voice. They feed off the ‘hopium’ disappointment, it’s their food, so is fear. It’s the hero/savior program of the matrix. All religion is a program. It traps you in their realm when you give away your power to these various ‘Gods’ and you end up recycled back into the matrix game once again.
        Now as for Cindy, she works hard to just put out all the info from everyone. It isn’t that she agrees with it or disagrees with it. Anyone waiting on some payout, even Nesara/Gesara…humanity needs to grow up and stop asking gooberment to fix our problems. We need to be governing ourselves. The agenda has always been the same, enslave humanity, duality at it’s best, war and peace, good and bad…the matrix is the game here and it’s all scripted. They follow the Bible like a script.
        Cindy just puts out the info, you can read it or not…it’s a choice, I choose not to engage in the ‘hopium’ and focus on my own reality and what I am gonna ‘believe’ in.
        This is the mind trap…make no mistake, you gotta use it to create what you want, take your power back and align with the frequency of what you want to see. That is why I won’t get into the ‘hopium’, the lies, and the deception. I don’t believe in ‘the story’, this is what they want us to create, if we focus on ‘sitting on our arses and waiting for someone to fix the problem’ we’re in trouble. We gotta focus on being in charge, creating our reality…
        I get your frustration….I’m right there with ya. Maybe you can just see this site as an all inclusive sort of thing as to what is out there. We can neither prove or disprove any of it and you have every right to agree or disagree.
        But you can’t blame Cindy, she just puts the info out…all sides, all inclusive. It’s more of the control freaks that want to silence anyone’s news, or articles they don’t agree with. I know one thing…Trump did save us from Hillary who would have gotten us into WWIII right away. Patriots would have been rounded up, Jade Helm, and put in camps right after that. Make no mistake, this is a war. But these FACTIONS…religious and offworlders are fighting for control of this planet. It’s been a war for thousands of years, your consciousness and perception is focused on this, and now you want to shoot the messenger…why would people go complain to Anna von Reich? What’s she suppose to do about anything that is published?
        It’s ridiculous, freedom of speech is our right, you can say what you want, but that is what they are trying to silence us, they want to turn you into a cyborg, they don’t want you to critically think for yourself. They want you to sit on your arse and ‘trust the plan’. I TRUST NONE OF THEM…so many without common sense.
        If they got it all, if they are in control, if all these actors, players, leaders are clones or arrested and executed…etc..if only they could stop with the ‘event’ crap, sacrificing the awake and aware ones for the normies who are so brainwashed and this movie needs to end. I agree with that.
        Your opinion is yours, and Cindy is a lovely person that just puts out all things out there…and it’s for you to decide whether to engage with it or not. If it’s disinfo to you, then stop reading it.
        I do, sometimes I come on here and just laugh cuz the whole thing just keeps dragging on. This game is rigged….it’s just a game.
        I’m mad as hell…and I’m not gonna take it anymore…Aaron Russo told us this was all a plan…these banksters and secret societies who worship a god they sacrifice children too….we are chattel, a product, a delicacy in more ways than one but we got one thing they don’t have. CREATIVE ABILITY WITH OUR MINDS….now if we can unite and kick them all out, that is what they fear…they divide us by race creed and we all sit and fight amongst each other while they continue to gaslight us, lie to us, give us false hope because they tell us we are powerless, we gotta be good lambs and sit here or follow them to our slaughter. AINT GONNA HAPPEN…source players need to unite and change the script…we don’t need this ridiculous movie, we don’t need an event to wake the normies….they are NPC’s, mindless and souless background characters programmed and will not see the truth if you show them…they won’t look.
        So look at this as a test for your discernment…look at it and see what resonates with you. It’s a tricky game….don’t get frustrated, just focus on what you want.


      2. Well said, snd I do value your support! It IS a game of our own design ( not many want to hear that!), and KNOWing we are actually “in control” of those taking out the dark is quite beautiful! Yes, yes, yes…! 🌹💕😊🎉

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      3. I LOVE the way you follow this blog! Please bring me a bucket of “ logic”, and we will talk s bit more about your claims! 🌹💕😊


      4. Pay her no mind…she is directing her anger at you because she probably believed like many others that this whole ‘shitshow’ that is going on was real…she probably beieved all the dates, and was disappointed many times, it only took me one time they decided to let everyone down and I was done with it.
        She just gotta direct her anger at herself, and transmute it like maybe take a break from listening to anyone, especially truthers.
        I don’t remember you ever posting these things and saying you whole heartedly beieve in all of it…
        Maybe a disclaimer is due at the top of the page….so people innerstand that it isn’t necessarily your opinion and that you are just sharing all aspects of this realm, from one end of the pole to another.
        This ‘movie’ don’t feel like a movie, it’d be different if I could go to the store and get plenty of food and stock up like they keep telling us to, or even afford a place to live…..IT”S NOT A MOVIE TO ME, even though I see evidence of it being a movie, it’s still causing much chaos and harm and some dog gone event isn’t gonna make it better. It just needs to end, and we can put the normies in a rubber room and deprogram them, and then we all can get on with making this place a better place to live.
        I don’t know how many years they gotta talk about all the crimes of these people. The news just keeps cycling like a broken record…someone fix the broken record…wasn’t this all talked about 4 or 5 years ago. Even though we’ve been told they have been executed or arrested, seems to me they got the majority of the bad guys….the normies don’t watch Tucker, the normies are happy Trump got arressted….this movie really sucks…sorry, I’m gonna go watch a real good movie that puts this one to shame. Maybe the crow, heck, he got rid of all the bad guys in one night….
        ‘DONT MOVE OR YOU:RE DEAD’….’I say I’m dead and I move’….LOL


      5. Thanks for your support, Muse! These comments just make me aware of just why this blog exists!
        I NEVER thought this blog would expand ax it has! The viewership I’d down, yet the page views are up! Go figure!
        Responding to comments is becoming a full-time job I so enjoy! Quantum IS! 😊💕🌹

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      6. I know right? This blog is blowing up and it’s cool, I have spent the better part of my day reading and responding as well but I enjoy it because healthy debate and communicating is what they don’t want us to do. They most certainly want us to disagree, divide us and keep us from grouping and they know if we unite…the gig is UP…it’s over, they could not defeat us when we unite.


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