In Case of Cyberattack…. – May -9, 2023



POMPEO – Pompeo is too smart to know this is not the correct use of “undue” – Should be “undo” – The “mistake” hits select drops.

[Q]UE THe Durham call for Witness

We are far beyond the need for proofs.

You have more than you know.

Durham start.

Q OP start.



Time[ing] is important.

How many coincidences [use of coincidences essential not to violate NAT SEC?] before mathematically impossible?



Personal thank you to the BO, Bakers, and Autists/Anons who continually dedicate their time and energy to the GREAT AWAKENING.

You are all Patriots.

The hard part is coming to an end.

The next phase will bring JUSTICE.


@teamanons 👈

@Qwo17 👈

DARK [10]

🦅 🇺🇸 💪 🔥



Sailors conduct a test of the countermeasure wash-down system aboard the U.S. Navy’s only forward-deployed aircraft carrier, @Gipper_76, while underway in the Pacific Ocean.

#AlwaysReady | #Teamwork | #US7thFleet




CHATTER UPTICK re: how to effectively prevent cross-TALK re: anti-narrative across all social media/online platforms. Ability to prevent cross-TALK narrows comms only to FAKE NEWS which provides for more control over what is released to inform the public. A series of scenarios is currently being CONDUCTED [‘game the sys’] to TEST response, risk, and calc results. ‘Censorship’ [added] layers of inserted code ‘through keyword targeting’ in bio, history, and comments + indiv platform mods has failed to curtail the problem. ‘China-Russia-Iran’ ‘fake’ take-down hacks of select platforms (for maintenance) is one scenario being game-played. [Zero-Day] COUNTERMEASURES in place. [Example] Think Emergency Alert System. Think WH controlled *new* RT ‘news’ website Think WH controlled *new* video stream platform Think Here. Should this occur, immediate steps will be taken to classify each as ‘Public Utility’ (essential public services) to gain appropriate gov regulation (control). Why do we make things public? Q



Elon Musk replied to The Associated Press: Either back up your claims @AP with actual source data or retract your story


Elon Musk replied to Michael Shellenberger: The Washington Post has gone from questioning the state to being its propaganda mouthpiece. Pravda would be proud.


The FBI is having a bad week



Some thin’ Comin’? 🌹


Something’ Comin’?! 🌹


Yep…something ‘ comin’!! 🌹





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