The American Public Was Scammed! – May 15, 2023


Dead Man Walking George Soros back in the spotlight again — with more rumors of being DEAD, buys a bankrupted Vice but sells Tesla. 💀

Vice media files for bankruptcy

Billionaire George Soros Cuts His Ties to Elon Musk

George Soros dead

Soros is on mockingbird media

NWO puppet George Soros at Davos

George Soros — a globalist, cultist parasitic elite


Myanmar Regime Seizes Bank Accounts of Soros’ Open Society Foundation



Durham BOOMERRANG. 💥👀💥

“The American Public Was Scammed” – President Trump Responds to Durham Report Confirming Hillary’s Evil Plot to Tie Him to Russia



Death Sentence to the U.S. Economy — officially issued by Jim Cramer! 💀

Jim Cramer: An economic wave is about to hit that will be fantastic for investors

Consumer debt passes $17T for first time

BMO, Northern Trust, Wintrust on the hook for recent bank failures



More drips on JPMorgan… 💀

19 Republican states accuse JPMorgan of closing bank accounts and discriminating against customers due to their religious or political beliefs

JPMorgan opposes class-action status for Epstein accusers

And where’s Larry? Perhaps sleeping with the worms.

Google Co-Founder Larry Page Vanishes as Authorities Try to Subpoena Him in Jeffrey Epstein Investigation

Epstein Cover-Up Set to Explode: Appeals Court Ruling Could ‘Pave Way for Release’ of Buried Grand Jury Records



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