More News Today! – May 15, 2023


The FBI responds to John Durham’s Report



The Steele dossier was a little 5150ish! #NOCOLLUSION


🚨 We knew that there was no evidence in the Steele dossier of Trump colluding with Russia to interfere in the 2016 election when Charles Dolan sat on the stand and ADMITTED to embellishing information that was later used in the report.

Linking my coverage here:


(EX) VOICE PRESIDENT & CHIEF SCIENTIST of PFIZER >Dr. Michael Yeadon say COVID vax push a ‘supranational operation’ intended to ‘maim and kill deliberately’

‘Multiple obvious toxicities were deliberately built into [the alleged vaccines’] designs, with the result that there would be high expectations of blood clots, autoimmune attacks and cytokine storms all over the body, depending on where it went in a given individual,’ Dr. Michael Yeadon told LifeSiteNews.

Former Vice President at Pfizer, Dr. Mike Yeadon, on the sequence of events which led him to conclude that the so-called “pandemic” was planned and co-ordinated in advance, by unelected globalist bodies like the WHO and WEF, as a justification to deliberately depopulate the planet via the lethal mRNA injections:

“We’re facing something much worse than an alleged virus. The injuries to people from these so called vaccines… I wish I could tell you that it was accidental, but it wasn’t accidental. I’m convinced that these injections have been made to injure people, to maim and kill deliberately.”


As congrass holds secret talks behind the scenes of EXPOSING the pandemic and virus creation, so hold the grounds for EXPOSING the COVID-19 VACCINE death shots designed by the Elites to create sickness, death for all reasons connected to Gates depopulation, ccp infiltration into the military by giving death shots to soldiers , money laundering , a foreseeable ( for them) future of where vaccines passports would lead to control over the world with a Pandemic treaty by the WHO DAVOS GROUP [ DS] /CIA/ ECT and connect the Planned PANDEMIC to digital banking which and credit score social system of Control.


So much is happening behind the scenes as the FBI base on the inside is COLLAPSING and LEAKS are happening in a massive EVENT.

> FBI agents jumping ship and silent early retirements taking place.


Currently congress is trying to get the Fbi documents and find the missing whistleblower that connects BIDEN to crimes directly.


( The REAL STORY like i have told many times before… The DURHAM REPORT WAS DONE LONG AGO AND THE MILITARY HAVE THE DOCS AND CIA. FBI OBAMA KNOW THE OPERATIONS ARE COMING CLOSER ( that’s why they are trying to use their final plans to create U S. Civil war, .. Hoping they can escape the Prosecution and install their own Arrest Wars/// ….. the current Durham report is just for public optics and getting into Congressional files and U.S. archives legally ))……


BEHIND THE SCENES; Someone is reaching out to World health officials and Top Doctors….. And making them change their minds about plandemic and major countries have medical whistleblowers coming forward about the plandemic corruption. Vaccines deaths ….

Who’s pulling strings?


Who brings down the CIA?



THE JFK files. Is in the hands of very important people…..

RFKjr .. Has red pills

TRUMP is only beginning

Congress/Senators are talking about DURHAM



(not everything is as it seems ,)


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