Where’s My Payout? – March 17, 2023


TIMBERRR is still coming. 🚨👀🚨

They can pump all the fake money they want to. Load up BILLIONS of non-existing digital money into banks. Heavy pumping into crypto like they do slaughterhouse animals with big pHARMa drugs. They cannot STOP in the inevitable.

Dow closes nearly 400 points lower on Friday as First Republic and regional banks resume slide


US STOCKS-Wall Street slides on fears of bank crisis contagion




4 Year Delta on St Patty’s Day. 🍀👀🍀

What day is today?

How much more obvious can we make it?




As banks collapse, the dollar declines, inflation rises & national debt is beyond redemption > This is the best time to convert your cash into precious metals.

I like Silver.

Silver also has value due to its practical use in most industry.

This video explains it well. Last half goes more deep. 12 mins.

I have more info & am happy to share a very reputable, long-standing company, if you’d like.

10X SILVER Is Possible:


Moves & Counter Moves. No more ‘Federal Reserve’ — changed to U.S. Treasury Dollars. 💰❤️🤍💙💰

New Rainbow Currency — U.S. Treasury Notes




They are ALL bankrupted. 🚨👀🚨

A coup d’etat installed a usurped presidency administration — using a dissolved U.S. Corporation to further install their failing NWO agenda. Everything they have access to in the matrix is expendable & will be used in any way it needs to — in order to preserve their vice-grip hold.

Casino Royale. Playing for Keeps.

The SVB chess piece — RIP. 💀

SVB Financial Group Commences Chapter 11 Proceeding to Preserve Value




The corrupt leading the corrupt. The bankrupt leading the bankrupt. 🚨👀🚨

Reinforce The Wake Up Call & put a Cease & Desist of fiat money for everyday humans.

A bankrupted Foreign Corporation FEDERAL RESERVE, in cahoots with a bankrupted U.S. Corporation, pretends to be a lawful U.S. government — have told everyone that they have INFINITE CASH. 💸💸💸

The FED have told humans they print money from thin air




Self-Destruction Mode is Activated. 🚨👀🚨

Schwab Clients Pulled $8.8 Billion from the Firm’s Prime Money Market Funds This Week




The big bankers & the minions that run these criminal institutions have been groomed & programmed — to function within the range of lowest conscious bots to most wicked vampires on Earth. When this truth is realized by everyday humans, then the mass will start acting accordingly.

REVEALED: Republic Bank President – who who along with other execs sold $12M of stock before bank collapsed – bought Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s $9M home… while others own lavish mansions and a ranch


This STINKING sub-headline is a dark SPELL casted on unaware viewers — to keep their customer depositors in a numbing discomfort slave-trance to further steal & use their assets for their own gain.


‘Global shares rise as $30bn lifeline for US bank eases fears of imminent collapse and Treasury secretary, Janet Yellen, says US banking system ‘is sound’. Plus, a 5,000-mile stinking blob of seaweed heads to Florida’

First Thing: Markets on alert after US banks join forces to rescue First Republic


Top Executives at First Republic Bank Sold Millions of Dollars in Company Stock Before Shares Plummeted – And No SEC Filing!

First Republic Bank Rescued with $30 Billion Deposited from 11 Banks




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