EXCLUSIVE: Aloha suckers! Silicon Valley Bank’s failed CEO Gregory Becker escapes to his $3.1million Hawaiian hideaway days after being fired, leaving the chaos of the collapse in the dust – March 17, 2023


Gregory Becker and his wife Marilyn Bautista flew first class to Maui on Monday and are now holed up in their luxurious three-bed, three-bath townhouse, DailyMail.com can reveal

Ousted Becker, 55, put the Silicon Valley Bank collapse behind him and was seen walking the streets of Lahaina in shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops

The Justice Department has launched a probe into his decision to cash out $3.57million of stock just weeks before the bank folded

The ousted head of Silicon Valley Bank has fled to his luxurious $3.1million Maui bolthole – leaving the chaos caused by the bank’s collapse 3,000 miles behind him.

While his customers worry about when – or even if – they will be able to access their funds, Silicon Valley Bank’s disgraced former boss is soaking up the sun at his oceanfront Hawaiian hideaway.

Gregory Becker and his wife Marilyn Bautista took a chauffeur-driven black limo to San Francisco Airport on Monday afternoon and after sprinting through the United Airlines terminal, then flew first-class to Maui, where they were seen Wednesday walking through the streets of Lahaina in shorts and flip flops.

Now the couple are holed up in the two-story townhouse that they rebuilt after tearing the much smaller original down.


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