And There You Have It! – March 17, 2023


The war is being fought with millions of unconscious & unawakened People held as hostage. They can be potentially harm & killed. Every time the Alliance advances, they only move the evil DS cabal has is to cause small pockets of chaos, destruction & harm to the People.

Once People unify, protects one another, Love one another, vibrate on a higher frequency, not spew negative emotions from mockingbird headlines, cleanse themselves, rid their body-vessels of parasites & toxins, have better clarity on this war, work on becoming self-sustainable, work towards Sovereignty by the household or neighborhoods, have Great Faith & embodied their true Divine Energy of Source God — no one tells YOU what to do. ✨🙏🏽👁🤍✨



The Higher Energy is active again. The Schumann is negentropic as the Energy shown aligns with the Energy from the collective consciousness — currently very intense & chaotic. We are in a storm though & only a small percentage are riding in the Eye of the Storm.

Pay attention to everything but do not be swayed by the distractions that could lure us back into lower vibrations. Please rise above the current drama, chaos, and unraveling as much as possible. This is a necessary part of the evolutionary process.

As the screams from the darkness gets louder while it falls to its demise, open your HEART to the beauty of a whole new Light to a scale that is in resonance with the harmony of the higher dimensions. The way of life we’ve been accustomed is falling away. It no longer serves humanity or Earth. We can all assist Earth, humanity & ourselves with our Energy & Love just by staying grounded in the highest frequency.

Stargate/Portal vs Lucid Dream Implosion Physics



Sovereign Human Beings live with Common LAW – Land, Air, and Water. Everything else is just legal policies. The city & state police are United Nations “POLICY’ enforcers, except for County Sheriffs. Learn the difference. Learn you CUSIP number & your Cestui Que Vie. YOU/WE all have it. Learn what has been done without your knowledge.



We need this more than ever — not out of fear for a nuclear war but to stabilize the mental state of humanity. We are being attacked on soul many levels. Those that can see through the fog of war, live in high frequenciey & staying in the Eye of the Storm — should ripple this frequency into our universe.

Many people should immediately tap into their subconscious & inner powers — Divine Feminine & Masculine Energy. ✨🙏🏽💜🔥✨

Scientific Evidence Mass Meditation Can Reduce War and Terrorism




~ The Sun ~

Heals, charges, warms

~ The Moon ~

Connects, manifests, unlocks intuition

~ The Ocean ~

Cleanses, refreshes, opens energy centers

~ The Forest ~

Grounds, balances, stabilizes


~ Kelly Lee




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