Wow…What Next? – March 17, 2023


INFINITE AMOUNT OF CASH! Come & Get Some! 🧐🤨😜😂

Qperation Wakey Wake folks. How long will it last though?

Cash-strapped banks have borrowed $300bn from the Fed this past week

Federal Home Loan Bank borrowings jump by another $30 billion



Everyone has been WARNED. 🚨👀🚨

The FED have told humans they print money from thin air. It is being shown right now with the bail-outs. They said their money is solely FAITH-BASED. Watch & feel the Energy of the video.

If you still allow the criminal banking institutions to hold your hard-earned money, then that’s your choice. You are choosing to align with this old dark Energy.

They tell everyone the TRUTH — mixed in millions of gigs of other detail content distractions.

Jon Stewart with former Federal Reserve President Thomas Hoenig on the Central Banks printing cash out of thin air



Masonic Symbolism is littered all over in plain sight. ❌💀❌

The day before March 20th. Perhaps it’s something, perhaps not.

Phil Schneider exposed the Denver Airport



Tick Tock Evergrande 💣👀💣

What else is happening on March 20th in the financial world? 😯

Evergrande Fails to Win Creditors’ Support as Key Dates Loom

The EVERGRANDE FALL — Chinese Deep State CCP is getting DRAINED

EVERGRANDE is a PUMP & DUMP penny stock that will take down the GLOBAL FINANCIAL MARKET!



El Salvador is NOT playing as they send another round of inmates to Izalco prison — the largest mega-prison in the Americas. 🚨👀🚨

Human Rights groups have criticized the construction as a violation of incarceration standards. I almost feel bad until you realized the heinous crimes against humanity they’ve committed — their many commitments to satan & orders of the CIA. Karmic Energy is in overdrive right now.

Shocking new images from inside El Salvador’s Izalco mega prison shows the bare metal shelves where prisoners sleep – as it takes in THOUSANDS of new lifers

64,000 Cartel Members MASSIVE ARREST


Paris becomes war zone last night — from avatar Maclone pushing retirement age back, as 1.28 million humans in France strikes against the pension reform. French police is attacking civilians with water cannon & tear gas.

France’s nationwide strike against a planned pension reform, which disrupted train services, shut schools and halted fuel deliveries.

Distractions lead to division within The People. Selected usurped leaders have REAL consequences on The People, especially distracted ones. The Awakening is very RUDE right now.

Well it’s still better than our (U.S.) 67 retirement age! 🤦🏻🤨

Macron rams through pension change without parliament vote

French nationwide strike to extend as pension reform fight intensifies




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