Weimarica Monday: Ure’s Lunch ~ March 13, 2023


Surely, you remember the position of Germany in the Weimar Republic debacle following imposition of reparations on the Kaiser’s former Germanic republic.

It’s a period of many lessons, not the least of which is:

  • Reparations exacted from unwilling people tend to blow up.
  • Reparations often blow in a hyperinflationary manner.  (Money has to come from somewhere, after all. Often it’s just made up.)
  • Hyperinflations are often birthed in weak regimes lacking leadership and visions to share. Milquetoast governments.  Pandering pussies.
  • Hyperinflations though give rise to dicks and dictators. Messianic orators who begin well but then sour on power.
  • Which explains why today, we see the market arc higher even as we forecast Saturday that it would be likely to do.

My consigliere called with the update “I understand the Fed is meeting behind closed doors now…”

To which we questioned whether the room was equipped with Charmin, Quick-Clot, or whether Mr. Whipple had brought the Preparation H display?

True to his disclosures, Ure went long this morning early (nosebleed range) and rode this pig of a market higher earning $293 to put on his lunch tab for the day.  We keep the day trading balance low in order not to trade full time because I’d surely bankrupt Wall Street. Once upon a time I was one of those FINRA Rule 4210(f)(8)(B)(ii) (/o1) types.  We don’t want to own the casino.

Still, with lunch taken care of, our core holding in things of real physical value were up nicely four-digits in the crisis, too.  (That’s lunch (most anywhere), dinner, hotel and air. Coach if Europe.  Although, remaining unvaxxed, we are still saving to afford Gulfstream rentals now that we don’t own a plane, anymore.

Our Aggregate Index is up as expected so I can resume work planting seeds in the greenhouses.  Lowered stress unhindered by worries about whether sprouts will be ready in time for lunch.

Back up to – and just over – the lower trend line and from here we could break higher, or lower, and we’ll just have to see how bad the CPI figures are tomorrow.

A thinking point?  When the House gets the jitters?  Bet with the House.  See if you can pick up some comps, too.

We po foke need all the help we can get.  No special Fed and Buyed’em dispensations for us. We just get stuffed with the tab.

Update:  As political figures begin to attempt headline-jackings, our Houston Bureau observes: “And the village idiots, like pond scum, have already begun to surface. It’s irrelevant at this point which side of the aisle you’re sitting on.” A link to SVB collapse: Trump, DeSantis, Haley, Ramaswamy weigh in (cnbc.com) was included.  Pond scum?  Amen and gimme a hallelujah.

Write when you get rich,



2 thoughts on “Weimarica Monday: Ure’s Lunch ~ March 13, 2023

  1. Reparations were easily made with a new currency of gold~backed money, & dropping the heavy burden of previous debt. Jubilee. Yowbel.


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