Cosmic Surge ~ March 13, 2023



The digital ID will allow AI to verify who you are
While simultaneously collecting data about you

It will let AI monitor your mood and thoughts
Not only through facial expressions
But by measuring your radial frequency through your mobile phone

Digital ID is actually sophisticated hardware of an advanced surveillance system
It has nothing to do with safety convenience or preventing a climate crisis
It is for tracking

People will be arrested who fall under the category
Of a high probability of committing a future crime
Anyone OK with this is delusional

World leaders especially from Africa who were not on board with the vax
Have died under mysterious circumstances
The list includes these prime ministers

John Magufuli of Tanzania
Hamed Bakayoko of the Ivory Coast
Ambrose Dlamini of Eswatini
Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi
Patrice Lumumba of the Congo
Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso
And Jovenel Moise of Haiti

We are individuals in one consciousness
Possessing an ego that creates an illusion of separation

We are in a dream within a dream
We are pixels of light embedded in matter imbued with consciousness
That run in different timelines of reality

We entangle ourselves further into the collective illusion
And separate ourselves from the Source
By our beliefs in false narratives

We are the product of a benevolent ET experiment
And a result of a negative ET manipulation

Our goal is to accumulate a positive structure
And not lock ourselves into a negative matrix!



Make friends with your emotions
Feel safe with them and you will courageously free yourself

Let shame sadness and anxiety have the microphone
But realize you are creating the vibration by your thoughts

We project the timeline where energies come into our reality
We draw in the photonic light waves with our consciousness

Our bio plasmic body or soul interacts with transverse waves
Producing a solid plasma emanation
Which holds the structure of a toroid shaped field or aura

The secrets of the Merkabah are interlocked tetrahedrons of blue sapphire frequency
That created a quantum convergence charge within the former plasma field of Saturn

Looking out into the oceanic panorama on the beaches of Southern California
I was connected to the aquamarine colors and the blue shades of indigo and cobalt
Sensing a land that no longer was there

Consciousness is Source Generated Energy manifesting as a frequency
We are called by thy energy

Our chakras are like drawers or files of waves of quantum charge
When ignited we become Children of the Merkabah

The cosmic alphabet of the angelic flame letters were divine codices
That triggered DNA memory of Lemurian images in the morphogenetic field

The sound of the waves pounding the shoreline repatterned my energy field
Resulting in healing expressions of the kundalini life force

Many times as I left footprints there in the sands
I cleared away trauma and opened greater understanding of intuitive guidance
That produced clarity in terms of my lifes purpose

And I became one with the quantum plasma sea!


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