March 13, 2023: Shelter in Place or Bug Out, But Be Sure to Have Cash on Hand [videos]


We were told that a large number of events were going to unfold simultaneously and surely no one can miss the current financial steps as part of “The Plan”. The Alliance has skillfully moved the globalists down the [time]line, mitigated the worst of the damage to Humanity and the planet, and brought the war out into the open where record numbers are able to see the enemy and their handiwork.

What we are also hearing, however, is that the military will not step in publicly—that’s publicly—until the masses are so angry at the deception, lies, and plots to extinguish Humanity through the scamdemic and lethal vaxx shots that the military is forced to step in to keep the peace. We may soon add blatantly stealing their money to the list of crimes. We’ll see what happens.

At the moment, my screen keeps going black making it impossible for me to do anything so I may have to shut down before I would have. Uhura! What’s going on with the comms? Keep those hailing frequencies open!

Those in the know are watching the headlines closely as bank after bank closes and regulators step in. Whose regulators, exactly? Regardless of how ugly this gets, we know we have to go through this to eliminate the New World Order’s fiat central banking debt slave system and get comfy in our new asset-backed Quantum Financial System which has been ready to go for some time if reports are accurate.

I doubt if any of us had misconceptions about the Silicon Valley Bank, but this takes it to another level.

The news seems to change hour to hour and day to day. Yesterday the following broke. Will they do it?

Fed and FDIC discussing backstop to make SVB depositors whole and stem contagion fears: Source

The first I heard this morning, it was escalating and it appears we have a D3 avalanche within the banksters’ institutions.

Small Banks Are Crashing

DEVELOPING: Trading Halted at 30 Banks as Market Opens – NYSE Halts Trading at Charles Schwab

At press time I’m hearing 4 – 5 more banks are on the verge of bankruptcy. Sounds big to me.

Michael Jaco has been anticipating and following the financial situation for some time and in this March 12 video said he doesn’t feel like this is “it”—the major crash. If it isn’t, it is a red flag to be sure and will hopefully get the attention of more normies. He has stated he got into precious metals, and in his last podcast also said his money is with Wells Fargo and left it at that. Interesting, yes? We heard Wells Fargo was going to be “the bank” for the redemptions and revaluation process for alternative currencies like the Zim, Dinar, etc. for the Humanitarian projects. Is that still true?

More recently Michael brought us this update:

The coming rise of militias. coming lockdown to take down Deep State, Bank Runs.

Militias. Armed civilians. Anger. Frustration. Betrayal. A recipe for anarchy?

Counterinsurgency by George Kennedy

If I feel myself getting a little tense, I go to Twitter and look up Catturd for a few snickers and giggles as well as razor-sharp perspective.

Here’s more good news from Germany about a passionate and outspoken doctor about the plandemic and fake vaccines:

You may wish to hear what Clif High has to say about the wild currents in the financial waters. He’s a smart guy and knows how to analyze trends. 47 min.

MASS:  It’s here -> The PEOPLE are on the Move.

You will probably want to hear what Benjamin Fulford has to say today.

March madness begins as Rockefeller/Biden horror show implodes

If the financial roller coaster isn’t enough, we also have reports of another caravan having a standoff with law enforcement at the Tex/Mex border.

What’s this? Gov. DeSantis not playing clean? Roger Stone has strong words for what has been going on with Disney.

Wow, $1M Disney gave DeSantis paid off! Desantis pre-election Disney rhetoric was phony hype. Disney maintained:
• exemption from property & sales tax
• tax-free bonds
• fast track permitting

This sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The controllers and their minions will lie about anything for personal gain and the collective agenda. It worked for Elizabeth Warren until Trump called her out on it. The Canadian contingent aren’t above disgracing themselves, either.

Memorial University president apologizes, steps back from duties amid Indigenous claims scrutiny

In New York state, a different kind of snow event than the D3 avalanche of financial developments. Flooding in California and record snow predictions for the other side of the nation. Crazy.

NY Gov. Declares State of Emergency, Mobilizes National Guard

Here’s your news from the asylum for today. The insanity is growing. Link to Telegram.

AI Lawyer’ Sued For Practicing Without A License

San Francisco-based DoNotPay – a “chatbot lawyer” produced “substandard and poorly done” demand letters, limited liability company operating agreements, and small claims court filings, and is now being sued as it is “not actually a robot, a lawyer, nor a law firm,” according to a class action filing.

“One customer used DoNotPay’s legal services to dispute two parking tickets,” but “his fines actually increased because DoNotPay failed to respond to the ticket summons. The customer then canceled his account, but DoNotPay continued to charge a subscription fee,” the plaintiffs say in the complaint.

The company has blasted back, saying the claims have “no merit.”

Maybe the bot can argue its case?

What else can we add to the mix? I know—missiles. North Korea has already allegedly launched two. Of course we know this is all less than sabre rattling because the war they want the normies to believe is coming is not what it seems. We think of it as… a movie. Who doesn’t love a good movie?

To close, a beautiful song made for these times, it seems. It jumped into my head yesterday and goes out to my amazing crew who knows how to shine the love on the world.

Keep on shining, all.  ~ BP

Gloria Estefan – Coming out of the Dark

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