Billionaire Hedge Fund Boss Bill Ackman Demands Biden Guarantee All Deposits or Economy will Melt Down – Plus My Comments – March 13, 2023


On Monday’s War Room Steve had more to say about the proposed billions in bailouts that will stick the Deplorables with the bill. 
Steve Bannon: “The most powerful oligarchs- who caused the run on this bank – and are the beneficiaries of all of the financial, quite frankly, crimes of this bank have the gall to come to you for a bailout.”

Hedge fund boss Bill Ackman today warned the ‘economy will not function’ unless Joe Biden ‘guarantees all deposits now’ as the contagion spread to the Big Four.

My comments: 
I have been searching for news items involving the banking crisis all day, and have concluded that the Biden regime decided to follow the 2008 bail out scheme to solve the immediate banking collapses. 
The day before they were bragging and pontificating that they were NOT going to bail out any banks, and only pay the FDIC insurance on deposits up to $250,000. That got thrown out the window as the financial experts saw that the contagion and the massive panic that would ensue would immediately take down the entire banking system and Wall Street with it.

We are now witnessing banking control of the system at the expense of the average citizen. The remedy for what they have done will cause the Fed to print massive amounts of cash which will then cause inflation and a diminished dollar value. 
But the alternative would have been a historical disaster. Frankly, since they have dug this hole so deep, the only rational thing left to do was to kick the can down the road again to avoid a financial and economic collapse.

With the government always bailing out big business there is no accountability in financial ventures. And you add the hedge fund options where the “hedge fund bets” have reached $2 quadrillion, which exceeds all the money in the world, the system can never be allowed to collapse. 
The entire system is a mockery to the common working man. The rich get richer and the lower classes remain in their station with no chance of bettering themselves by hard work and wise financial choices.

By any other name this is a full bailout. The companies that had checking accounts in the $ millions in the SVB bank had no legal guarantee for their deposits. But they will be bailed out nonetheless. The big time stock investors in the bank started selling to take their profits several weeks before the collapse, but the little investors, the average citizen, had no clue what was going on and lost all their money, and that will NOT be bailed out by Biden. How is that fair? The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Someone got scalped and it wasn’t the millionaires.

As things stand now the global financial panic is ongoing, albeit in slow motion. The ramifications of these banking collapses will still effect other banks and Wall Street, but it may be more like a train wreck in slow motion. 
The underlying foundation of the global financial system is still in danger and was already going down in a broad based way before last Friday. It is expected that banks in Europe will be under pressure and scrutiny and some are at risk of failure. 
All sectors in the US are a risk of going down a certain amount except for one, and that is the Military industrial complex defense companies. They have been fed $ billions in war machine orders. Their stock values are increasing as they produce more arms to send to Ukraine and other hot spots.

The high risk danger zones where nuclear wars could break out are all still valid and dangerous. Each hot spot has their own reasons why it hasn’t broken out in a nuclear war as yet. But the risks remain the same and we shouldn’t be surprised when it happens. 
Starting WW3 is advantageous for the globalists right now and would distract from the financial scandals and problems that they cannot effectively solve. So we must be ready for that strong possibility. George Eaton


One thought on “Billionaire Hedge Fund Boss Bill Ackman Demands Biden Guarantee All Deposits or Economy will Melt Down – Plus My Comments – March 13, 2023

  1. ACKMAN is part of the cause of what is happening. Let him suck air while he goes down. He’s probably heavily involved in crypto, I hope he rots.


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