Cosmic Frequency News 13 March 2023 – Dr Schavi ~ March 14, 2023


Cosmic Frequency News 13 March 2023 – Energy Fluxes In Progress – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Because of the recent dark plasma CME filament that lifted off of our Sun on the 11th of March, particle energetics are due to activate our planet’s inner and outer fields by the 15th of March or before according to scientific data.

Solar winds are in the normal range moving at 325.1 km/s in the mid morning hours (EDT–“Eastern Daylight Time”))of Monday, 3/13/2023, and a solar flare of a low “C-Class” level has occurred—a “C.3”.

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Solar Wind Prediction March 10-17 2023 – Plasma Density

Cosmic Frequency News 13 March 2023

108 quakes have been registered in the past 24 hours.

The magnetosphere chart is showing our planet being surrounded by relatively gentle wisps of plasma that are not as fierce as they have been in previous days and weeks.

This is often a type of “calm before the storm” as the dark filament of plasma earlier detected makes its way to Earth/Gaia.

We are just a week away from the equinoxes in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres which days before usually set-off powerful cosmic events in terms of solar flaring, solar winds, CMEs, etc.

Positive protons, negative electrons, zero-charging neutrons are still currently active because our Sun is always sending them outward after having been fed them by the “Great Central Sun”.

Also, as our planet and the galaxy in which it resides is being pulled towards the “Great Attractor”, electromagnetism is further heightened.

Our planet is never without the proverbial “music of the spheres” as the “Cosmic Concert” continues to play.

Thus, LIGHT is arriving from two arenas: the cosmic orchestrations of SOURCE which are allowed to be analyzed and recorded on manmade technological devices, and the LIGHT that is directly from SOURCE (“beyond the beyond”) which cannot be researched, conceptualized, or measured—only felt as creation is fashioned anew.

Experiences on Earth/Gaia that certain segments of humanity are developing are becoming more intense as war rages around the globe, as banking institutions falter, as more and more chemical drugs are being pushed upon the public, as unqualified people campaign for leadership positions, as schools and colleges develop stronger protective measures for their staff and students, as military and police personnel are built-up for action, and as more global chaos than what is listed here unfolds.

No day goes by without major events happening on and off of our planet.

As Thomas Paine stated on December 19, 1776 regarding only the USA but which could be applied to the entire world: “These are times that try men’s souls!” (from his essay entitled “American Crisis”).

DNit Telegram Channel

Farside CME 13 March 2023

Cosmic Frequency News 13 March 2023

However, when we approach this statement from a higher perspective, we know that the soul is the HIGHER SELF and is thus part of the ULTIMATE SOUL—SOURCE “ITSELF”, and when we follow “ITS” guidance, we can navigate various life experiences in ways that will protect and elevate us.

This entire year of 2023 will be filled with many choice points, and 2024 will not be an exception because by then Pluto—small but most mighty— will be firmly anchored into Tropical Aquarius.

It will already have transformed, altered, dis-mantled, and un-hinged global civilization in significant ways and will still have until 2044 to continue its dramatic alterations.

All the while, solar energetics will blast-off, and we will have moved deeper into the “Photon Belt” and also come closer to the “Great Attractor”—that point in the cosmos that is a massive field of electromagnetic radiation which is larger than the “Milky Way Galaxy” and holds a mass of over 1,000 trillion “Suns” and is a powerful transmitter of LIGHT into human consciousness.

Its gravity bends light, and we are traveling towards it at 2.2 kilometers per hour.

Mankind has yet much work to do in order to receive sustenance from all of the streams of LIGHT arriving.

Thoughts must become more harmonious so that righteous vibrational atomic frequencies can be sent into the quantum field.

The tone, quality, movement (VIBRATION) and rate (FREQUENCY) of life force (ENERGY) must become aligned with the HIGHER KNOWLEDGE that is waiting to be accessed.

It is time to answer as the Buddha did when people inquired about who he was as he sat beneath the famous tree meditating.

He never gave his birth name.

He always said “AHAM BUTASMI”.

The translation of this is “I AM AWAKE!”


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