News You Can Use from Telegram Today – March 3, 2023

——————————————————————- 4:02PM EST


Finally?! 🌹

For everyone confused. Newsom declared a State of Emergency in 13 counties on Mar 1. Kiley wrote the letter to the acting Gov. Kounalakis today, Mar 3 to request a Major Disaster Declaration from Biden (they want more $$ & support). News states that he’s traveling out of state. I’m not saying that he hasn’t been replaced with a 2.0, but it is not uncommon to have acting Govs.



It’s all lies. 3:05PM EST

NEW – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is considering running for president in 2024, challenging Biden for the Democratic nomination.




Donald J Trump is not just a leader of a political party he is not a politician- he is a leader of the most powerful political movement in American history


The Storm is Here


The STORM Has Arrived/Umbrella

Stopped WW3, ‘HRC 4 Pres.’

Scavino: Trump Umbrella Pics Feb 22, 24, ’23

Shielded & shielding the people. Use of Mil Intel.

Matches QP ‘The Storm has arrived’

STORM Act: Safeguarding Tomorrow through Ongoing Risk Mitigation – Trump Amended

Umbrella Org. is an assoc. of specific institutions that work together to co-ordinate activities and or pool resources:

Section 702 – US Gov collects & searches online comms of innocent people – House may not renew

QP 4603, 4153, 3431 (POTUS & People Surveillance)

FBI Floor 7, DNI, WH, CIA, DOJ, FVEYS, SM – worked together

Used FISA, PRISM, deep-cover ops, Spying, use of Shell companies – unofficially

Orders: ‘Top Down’

QP 3428 Maxwell Family provided Open Source Software

QP 4755 7th Floor is NO MORE – Team removed/terminated

QP: 225 You are the calm before & during THE STORM


QP 3354 THE STORM Sequence of events…Indictments



Notice the women involved? The times they are a’changin’ 🌹

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