How Truthers Manipulate and Lie to us – Part 1 – March 3, 2023


Editor’s Note: “Truther”…really, what IS a truther? I tell you my truth, don’t you? And therein lies the rub…we all have different “truths”, nor do we understand the “end game” of the information being shared.

The process of life here on Earth is based on survival, with survival based on $$, so this explains how “truth” is distorted, or perceived as deception.

So…the obligation for each becomes the ability to discern, on presentation, if information is indeed “true” for them or not, and then emotions become involved as “trickery” is perceived and trust erodes.

Thanks for reading/watching this post, pay attention to your intuition as you process the information you receive, and as your own truth evolves, BE in….

Quantum Joy!



In part 1 of my new mini series into how “truthers” manipulate and lie to us, i look at the good ol’ favorite of scammers worldwide….. The Sick Relative Scam..

Were you a victim of this? Did you even notice that it had happened? If not, then this video is for you….

Something which seriously resembled this scam took place, in my opinion, in the community back in the summer of 2022, when we the people were told that a particular “truther” (excuse me whilst i laugh) had a sick spouse. Whilst indeed this may have been the case – we have no way of knowing – it seemed very suspicious to our team here that he would very casually drop that news in the middle of a conversation about a completely different topic, and that the issue wasn’t in any way questioned by either of the presenters doing the interview. This raised serious red flags for us. After a board meeting, our team concluded that this was text book emotional manipulation of the female audience, in order to gain trust and love from them. Maybe to then use that trust against them later on, by taking them down a dangerous path.

This video explains more about this classic scam technique,


6 thoughts on “How Truthers Manipulate and Lie to us – Part 1 – March 3, 2023

  1. I trust my own intuition & discernment over anything anybody says. I also am capable of hearing alternate points of view, & reconsidering my position. I trust my heart to hear for me.


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