The new take the MSM is spinning is that they were going to Ohio to investigate a metals factory. However, if you look up the details shown below, that company was sending people to Palestine Ohio, a “coincidence” I am not inclined to accept. Overwhelming probability is that the Palestine team was offed, probably because the people on the team were “not with the program”.

You can’t make this stuff up, and it was the “clinton airport” to boot

That is not just a “social media post”, I confirmed this legit. Elon had better get his sh*t together with Twitter because his saboteur staff is not allowing this to be posted. He needed to fire ALL the leftists, ALL OF THEM and did not. And censoring this just proves what kind of crap American style leftists really are (I had to single out “American” because Obrador is considered “leftist” when he’s really a Ron Paul:-)

Due to the “keystone cops” “secretively making things look normal,” work on this site is stifled today and probably will be tomorrow.

them there? I’d bet the story would be “Someone shot them with an AR”. Always milk your scenarios in more useful ways than one.

Idiocy from the MSM

Scientists baffled by decline in bird population “Baffled” as the results from the MRNA vax to boot! Here is the obvious answer: Roundup is killing their weed based food supplies out in the farm fields, plus they probably react badly to GMO crops AND roundup, plus improved pesticides have gotten rid of the bugs. Mosquito abatement programs also play into this, as also (obviously) higher levels of 4g and 5g emissions.

“Scientists are baffled” when someone does not want an answer put out.

Putin is going to nuke us.

Just like Iran has been “2 weeks away from having the bomb” for the last 20 years. If anyone starts a nuclear war, it will be the WEF.Oops, Putin is WEF, only he did not get invited last time. Theatrics?? There is a persistent rumor WW3 kicks off on March 28. But that seems odd when it was supposed to happen in February, January, and (whatever else).

Reality: We are already in World War 3, don’t tell me Corona, Nordstream, the “earthquake” in Turkey and the ongoing war in Ukraine is not enough. We are just waiting for the big pop.

“They” switched their stinger over to DHCP

To the spooks: FACE IT, You can’t fake it. Telcel’s DHCP switches IP an average of once every 90 seconds, so it’s usable. Having yours be totally dynamic and switching it every second or so still makes it obvious you are there, especially since I mentioned it. Your static IP intercept is much nicer, and either way, I know you are there.


Actually, that’s just a prepared message in the software. This is the reason the token is “invalid”

They started changing the IP so rapidly after I told them how I knew they were there that I get those messages as quickly as I can click a mouse. How much more obvious can that be???

This is not something I just figured out, it was the reason for me setting up “combat mode” long ago, which I stopped because the page looks nicer without using it. I know you are there, KNOCK IT OFF!!!

Idaho lawmakers have introduced a bill to criminalize the administration of any MRNA vax

It probably won’t go anywhere due to rampant corruption, but at least it’s a start.

Note the snake speak. It “assists your body in making proteins”. Like hell it does, there’s a difference between “assistance” and FORCE. Still quoting the fraudulent Johns Hopkins to boot, while mis-spelling it John.

A pipe bomb made of PVC pipe was found on the train tracks in Philly

In other words, a stage prop. No PVC pipe bomb is going to blow the train tracks, all you’d have is a big firecracker. The FBI comes to mind . . . . .

To the people who are routing all my internet through their crap:

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I did not give this out before, but I will now. Telcel uses DHCP. So when you route all my shit through your static IP, it is obvious. It actually makes things run better when you do that, however, NO THANKS.

Things only an NSA guy would know.

How much sh*t are you doing “in my name” to “build a case”? Hopefully you are not like the owl trying to figure out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop. Do you like my new arrangement, with no photo editor available for you to exploit, “in my name”???

VERY SPOOKY: Tons of people with eyes that don’t point straight

This happened in Central Mexico. As many people probably know, I am doing an alt income plan that has me out in public a lot. And I tried similar alt income plans a long time ago (pre covid) just in case I stopped receiving donations. I have a good feel for things and know what goes on out there, going back at least 7 or 8 years. Something new and very strange is going on, possibly vax related.

What I am noticing is an extremely high percentage of the population with eyes that have disassociated positioning. It’s something you “never see” and last Friday I kept count and saw 17 in one day. Not druggies. Normal people trying to live normal lives who own houses and could not have possibly made it in life like that. Three total cross eyes and 14 that had eyes that did not look straight, such as, one is left and up, the other is pointed outward, super weird, like a serious brain injury happened. Normally I’ll see one or two like that per year.

At first I thought “it has to just be this zone”. But then I saw the same thing in other zones, where something local could not possibly have been the cause. What is it? some wierd mosquito disease? Bad water? (definitely not likely when it’s multiple zones) Or is vax damage coming home to roost?

When I first saw this, it was a mid 50’s couple that both had the same problem, I was like “what the hell is that? I’m gonna GTFO and NEVER return to this street, there might be something funky in the air here.” And then I noticed it in another zone, and it was many many people. And I thought “I’m not returning to this zone, there’s something weird here. And then I noticed it started happening right in the center of my most prime zone. What?? Is this sh*t happening most right where the vaccination centers were?

A bad batch of drugs from China???

And it was obvious that whatever it was seriously reduced mental capacity to boot, they were still functional but not in a way that you’d ever get a drivers license . . . . . clots breaking loose? stroke damage?

Obviously I’ll be keeping an eye on this. I sure hope it does not happen to me.

The damage done by the Ohio train derailment is done. THERE WILL BE NO MORE.

IMPORTANT: Hoax reports are now surfacing about “chemical rain” in various places due to the derailment and burn, And they are really good for clicks.. REALITY: as soon as the wind blew it all off the east coast, the threat was gone and likely totally dispersed over the Atlantic to completely harmless levels, never to be seen or heard of again. How long did that take? 2.5 days. How long ago was the derailment? About two weeks now.

It is evident hoaxers are trying to milk the story out now far beyond what is justified. Justified: 288 square miles significantly damaged, with undamaged areas dispersed throughout it and the 288 overlapping outside the 10 mile zone. 400 square miles is only 20×20 miles. I’d be willing to bet that over 1000 square miles total got some notable degree of contamination that won’t totally wreck them, and that’s only a total of about 31.6×31.6 miles on a side. That won’t be a perfect square, there will be contaminated areas 50+ miles away and clean areas 5 miles away, depending on how the wind carried things.

Bottom line: The damage is done. It’s not going to keep expanding like a hollywood monster, there was no rain anywhere to wash that crap out of the air during a relevant time frame, it simply floated over the land and blew out to sea. The ocean can take care of it. By the time it hits Europe it will be far more diluted than the many crimes China commits that blow over the US a while later. Before I knew what chemtrails were, I just chalked the haze up to “chinese economic activity”. Some of it is exactly that, even still.

What is done is done. And it was SO BAD FEMA told Biden they would not get involved because it was too much for them to handle. Animals dying everywhere, Wildlife fleeing or dropping dead. Rivers with water turned a discolored blue. Yep, it’s bad, but it will now fade, it’s not going to get any worse.

What makes me mad is the governor calling the DOD to get advice on what to do, rather than the EPA and THAT is where instructions to blow the cars came from. All but one of them were fine. ONE was leaking. The others presented no threat at all. And what did they do? they placed explosives on the ones that could simply be put back on the tracks and blew them up. Even if they could not be put back on the tracks, they could have been offloaded onto trucks. The one that was leaking could have been offloaded too, with the ground around it needing cleanup. Whoever decided to blow it up and create a chemical weather system needs to go directly to jail.

Now we know the MRNA vax was DOD too. I suspected that all along when Pfizer, Moderna, and BioNtech all had basically the same shot all at once. How did that happen? A formula sheet was handed over, that’s how. Would a DOD that did that vax to the American people set off a chemical disaster in the heartland on purpose? OBVIOUSLY YES.

Also, the train wheel bearing story is dubious. Train wheel bearings use a continuously lubricated system like engine oil, and the bearing surfaces are huge, over 100 square inches. They are literally identical to the bearings on a car’s crank shaft. They are super reliable, however, if you want one to fail when desired, all you have to do is take the oil out of the bearing and it will fail, and I believe this train derailment was done on purpose exactly that way. I believe this derailment was done on purpose, and the release of the chemicals was planned. How else would it have been managed so stupidly, who would blow up perfectly sealed not leaking cars that were not going to have problems ON PURPOSE? Who? An enemy, that’s who.

Roseanne Barr went full blown anti-vax

Watch for this to continue and more *Jewish* celebrities to come on board because they know if they don’t their whole communities are going to get smashed, they stood behind it all and rammed it down our throats and now that things are not going smoothly – now that they know the jig is up and heads are going to roll they have to shout from the rooftops “IT WAS NOT US!!!” Never forget who caused the catastrophe. It was not the nuns of Notre Dame!!

Pfizer legal defense: We delivered the fraud the government ordered

It is a long video, the most relevant part where the judge is asked to dismiss is at the 24 minute mark.

It is not our fault, the government TOLD US to do it – The difference between a first world country and a “banana republic” these days is how well the face is polished and how well corruption is implemented as a functional working infrastructure. And lack of ethics piled on top of intent to do harm to everyone, at least banana republics know they need their citizens alive and in good health.

I usually avoid posting stuff like this because it is usually BS.

Looks like this time it is not BS. I never felt good about Miscavige, and was very skeptical after he let all the e-meter mark 8’s sit in a warehouse for more than 10 years, only to release them as “the golden age of tech”. Why would he do that? Did he know they were a security nightmare and then release them anyway???
So here it is:

Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige is ‘actively concealing his whereabouts’ to avoid federal human trafficking lawsuit and is now officially considered served, judge rules

  • A U.S. judge has ruled that the Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige is officially served in a federal trafficking lawsuit
  • Judge Julie S. Sneed ruled Miscavige was ‘actively concealing his whereabouts’ and that attorneys had attempted to track him down and serve him 27 times
  • The lawsuit was filed by three former Church of Scientology members who claim they were trafficked in as kids and forced to work as adults

My comment: I actually doubt the premise but he’s as good as served, that church is not hurting for volunteers, it has an overabundance available in fact so the entire premise does not wash. But whatever, he’s served.

The real truth about scientology volunteers is that they are literally family and simply like the guaranteed security the church provides them, as long as they are not considered freeloaders. And it is highly unusual for them to be considered that. They’d have to be freeloaders before being considered that. They are not locked down, they go out any time they want and do whatever they want, which puts laughter on all the stories about how they get trapped and can’t just get up and leave. They can walk right out the door any time they want. A high number of them have their own homes and apartments, well over half anyway to boot. The stories about them can’t be real.

But Miscavige is toast. And I never felt he should be in charge, the mishandling of the Mark 8 alone was enough for me to think that.

My opinion is that Miscavige looks so bad during conferences that it is baffling it would ever be accepted. But it flew anyway. I guess he’s better than the current Mormon First Presidency, at least he told everyone to avoid the MRNA vax.

And yes it would be possible to freeload that church, it treats people excellent. The pay is not the best because you are a de-facto volunteer like a nun in the catholic church but there are those that will go in and then only take. Reality is opposite what the MSM says, I’d bet they are THRILLED about this story. I can’t say I like Miscavige, but this accusation stinks like manure in the spin cycle.

I am not a scientologist but I at least know the reality of what goes on there, there’s nothing amiss at all, just an organization functioning like any other and doing as stated quite well. There may be org level problems like what I went through, but that’s the fault of an individual sh&thead, not the greater organization, every place you go you find those. I bet there’s a few where you work.

The Palestine Ohio vinyl chloride burn off is getting more attention now

You heard it here first!

I have already said everything that needs to be said, however, the information surrounding what happened is escaping containment to such an extent that now Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttgieg took it upon himself to blame Trump for the disaster. I think we are too far into Biden by now for that, but whatever.

Ok, so Pete is secretary of transportation, and there’s a disaster related to policy. Did Pete ever mention the policy needed to be changed? Yes or no. Did he? When are leftists finally going to be able to take responsibility for anything?

Robert Kennedy Jr: The Pentagon developed the Covid vax

I believe it. How could Pfizer, Moderna and BioNtech all come up with literally the same formulation that had the same refrigeration requirements and did the same damage all at the same time in an “emergency scenario” that required them to have it NOW?? Answer: It was handed to them, they came up with nothing and the only differences were in manufacturing, – like one brand of fake flavor producing the same chemical formula as another fake flavor brand. The differences in manufacturing produce similar flavors that are not exact. That’s the ONLY difference between the MRNA shot variants.

Anyone ever wonder why all other variants of the vax, including even Johnson&Johnson faded into obscurity, with the only one left available being the death shot? Is that not curious? How did they have such “technowizardry” ready to go immediately, with lots of doses dated 2019? How did they get away with all the damage the shots did, with the damage coming into the open now yet the shots are still pushed and no one is in jail?? Answer:

You’re not going to jail a five star general who was assigned to a black op. Sure, I’d believe the Pentagon was the root source of it all, in conjunction with the IDF of course.

Remember: The fake alien invasion is the final step in the NWO takeover plan

Lots of “shoot downs” and other activities related to “unidentified craft” lately, and though I don’t think they are doing this to the level needed to hoax their final solution – “They” saved us and we need biometric ID to keep the alien invasion at bay – Your DNA proves you are human – give up freedom to save yourself from the aliens and if you don’t submit, we’ll just call you one and you won’t be able to buy food –

Anyway, that’s probably the final plan but I don’t think they were ready for it yet but it got accelerated when O’Keefe did the pfizer bust and they needed to run cover stories, first with balloons and then aliens – Never forget this because it is not being said a lot: It is highly probable they will implement biometric ID as a savior to “keep the aliens out of the system” – “we need to know who’s who now to prevent an alien infiltration and takeover, get your damn positive DNA ID or you are an ENEMY OF THE PLANET.

Would they do it? Hell yes!!!

WEF troll at the WEF: The vax failed to get everyone on board, but a water crisis will do the trick!

Well Well Well. Seems like only a bullet will stop the madness. No one dragged anyone through the streets and lynched them yet, so why not just keep plugging along until something works???

Is that what the train derailment in Ohio was about? Will there be more chemical spills “poisoning the water” so suddenly there’s a shortage that will get everyone under control??

Things that make you go Hmmm. Today a massive zone spanning portions of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia is being considered for a massive evacuation over “dioxin hot spots”. From burning all that vinyl chloride. Nothing official yet . . . . . residents of Palestine say the place smells like it has been seriously poisoned as animals continue to die – .

One thing I’d like to point out is how robust humans are. People can go into areas where everything else is dead and live because our kidneys and livers can filter out poisons far better than anything any animal has. That’s why old timers would bring canaries into the coal mines – they would die long before people would and give adequate warning of toxic hot spots. People are more robust and that’s the only reason why people are not dead yet, but time will take it’s toll other ways, like cancer and disabilities.

This cloud appeared in Turkey days before the quake.

I did not associate it with the quake because there was too much time separating the two events.


Last night at 4 AM (Feb 13) this cloud appeared in Argentina

It can’t be confirmed to be exactly the same because the photographer is not underneath it. But it does look damn suspicious. Note the sky is clear all around the cloud, that is a lone cloud just like the one above, and to have that formation without a huge storm backing it up is damn suspicious. Earthquake prep? WEF style??

The chemical release in East Palestine Ohio is getting traction in alt media now

It was the most censored big event I can think of. All the details, from the beginning, are still on this page. Approximately 283 square miles contaminanted badly enough to cause wildlife and livestock deaths. Obviously not every square mile is equally contaminated so not everything is dead, but there’s never been anything comparable to this in American history. Where’s Greta Thunberg now? Nowhere, because she either does not care or is a stupid tool. Probably both.

The green lights over Hawaii were produced by Nasa’s IceSat2.

It was measuring ground swelling caused by the latest eruptions. Normally that satellite is used to measure the thickness of polar ice sheets so no one ever sees it.


Just watch where the lunatics take this story, MSM and all, CHINA CHINA CHINA and forget about pfizer making biological weapons to sell “vaxxes”. For god’s sake also forget about now proven American sabotage of Nordstream and pending hard action by Russia. UFO’s and Satellites and Balloons OH MY.

This is only the laser from surveying satellite Ice Sat 2.

If you see this photo stated as being from anything other than an american satellite, you are getting hoaxed. I saw numerous reports in the MSM about this being a Chinese satellite probing American military assets. The MSM lied, and knew it lied. It lied to take the heat off pfizer/veritas and get all eyes on china. And it was a BIG lie, they HAVE TO shut down “we are making new viruses and releasing them to force people to take whatever shot we want” at all cost, including their credibility OR ELSE, because those shots were supposed to be the future that finished us off. They were almost the entire game plan.

I watched part of the half time performance. That was enough.

Now dear friends, I ask you to watch a 2010 half time performance and ask what the hell happened today.

The Catalytic converter was stolen from this wienermobile today

That’s a great looking car. They already got it fixed for appearances related to superbowl sunday.

WOW, read this report by the Toronto Sun

This report by the SUN totally supports a kid who was arrested by a catholic school for stating there were two genders only after the sun simply states the news as it happens. It seems impossible that any MSM source would ever give support to reality this way anymore, they totally took his side and stated that the government needs to be removed from the catholic school system in Canada if stating there are only two genders and sticking to it can cause the school to have you arrested and permanently evicted.

The orbs heading to antartica are a hoax

They are dust, lots of dust is in the proximity of the ISS following the same orbital path and the particles are too small to matter, even if hit at orbital velocity. If you see that video, the guy narrating it is obvious military intelligence, that just grated on me. Whatever the objects are, they are very close to the space station, part of the associated debris field, more harmless than parmesagn cheese. There is no alien/elite exodus to Antarctica going on right now, even though there is an enormous base there, probably at least the size of Dayton Ohio. I had photos of it posted on one of the servers that is now gone.
Modern tech makes some areas of antarctica habitable. All they need is a few nuclear reactors providing reliable heat and life there is a done deal, certainly easier than Siberia. There are places in Antarctica that never really get cold, even in the dead of the winter because the wind off the ocean keeps them warm, and that is where the base is, south – southeast of Argentina and southwest of Africa.

The south pole gets just as much sun as the north pole, the thing that makes Antarctica bad is the fact that most of it is high elevation, and the combination of high elevation and extreme latitude are what causes the severe cold. But many of the coastal areas are not significantly different from Greenland. Therefore, if you put nuclear reactors there so you can get enough light to grow food and have the reactors to provide heat, a significant base is very easy to do, There are coastal areas in Antarctica that seldom reach -20 due to the ocean.

It just never gets warm there, you’re lucky to hit the 50’s at the peak of summer. Nothing a little tech can’t handle. Antarctica is not “uninhabited” because it is impossible, it is “uninhabited” because it’s not economically viable. But all that corona bailout cash and stolen taxes could certainly get something done. Economic viability is unimportant when you can just steal what you need.

Russia knows America bombed Nordstream

They knew all along, but recently proved it. I don’t know what Russia is going to do about it, rumors about a nuclear war within 72 hours are obvious bunk and there’s really not a whole lot more about this to say that is not pure speculation. However, the next item is NOT speculation.


I am just going to say it like it is: They could not have legit journalism being done, so they infiltrated project veritas and when OKeefe destroyed Pfizer with legit reporting, the same kind of reporting Fox, Cnn and more REFUSE TO DO, he got booted by infiltrators in his organization while the national press ran a balloon hoax.

The project veritas bust of Pfizer is the most important bust of the decade, if not the century. We now know that big pharma is releasing biological weapons so it can then release a “cure” that will destroy you, and that the government and MSM are complicit. How much bigger can news get than that? They HAD TO flush O’keefe, and they did a damn good job.

FOR THE RECORD: The balloon was not Chinese at all. It was launched by the Pentagon for the explicit purpose of spying on militia activities in Montana. That is why it was allowed to overfly the country. Now there’s even bullshit about an EMP device being discovered aboard, that China is being questioned about. Doubling down on bullshit, EMP devices are enormous and obvious, there would be no question or suspicion about one, they are NOT obscure little boxes the size of a walkman and why on earth would the balloon have made it all the way to the Atlantic and be shot down there, if EMP was the goal? There is so much retard in the balloon story that stupid grew a life of it’s own.

Now there are balloons, balloons everywhere and “shoot downs of mysterious objects everywhere” because people keep sucking up the bullshit while the real issue – biological warfare waged from within our own borders, sinks deeper and deeper into the well.

There are no mystery objects floating anywhere. Only idiots would ever fall for that crap, they can send anything they want up for a look and spy satellites can read headlines on the ground also, if they are willing to wait up to an hour for an answer. EVEN A NIKON P-900 OR P-1000 ON THE GROUND CAN LOOK UP AND SEE WHAT THE HELL THINGS ARE, IN DETAIL, My God, the level of idiocy floating around the web for the sole purpose of distracting people from the real issues has gone off the rails.

I had digital cameras back in 2001 that could identify people from over a mile away with ease, the much more modern P-900 and P-1000 Nikons can do that from several miles away, and police helicopters blow even that away, if anyone thinks anything at all is a mystery the way Drudge posted today they’d have to be totally ignorant, totally gullible, or TOTALLY STUPID.

Eric Clapton got nailed by the vax.

He said it is causing his immune system to rip him apart from the inside out, and that basically he’s finished. That would be an obvious consequence of having an enemy spike protein suddenly be produced by your own cells rather than something that really should be attacked. Too bad. He was one of the greats.

Is AI being tested to wreck forums? Probably

Update: this is now confirmed, it is against everyone at the forum I am mentioning here, including at least some paid members.

A forum I won’t name here because it bans for posting links to this site tripped a random and persistent ban on my computer which has totally random IP addresses and now runs live after that remote desktop incident, live from DVD-R. There is no way to flag this system for a ban. And I did not misbehave, I posted literally nothing there for months, I just read the threads. I have hit that site since around 2001, I know how things go there and this is not normal. I don’t think they did this. SO –

Here are some other forums if for some reason an AI attacked your watering hole that are a match, if not superior.

1. City-data.com The biggest thing out there, and you can speak freely. Membership required to post. You have to browse past all the city and regional forums to find the current events forum, which is huge. It would be better without the countless subcategories but the main news thread still gets an awful lot of traffic. It is damn near a membership free (to view) AOL.

2. Timebomb2000.com This is a much smaller forum with active and fully vetted members. No bullshit gets posted there, if it lands there it is accurate and there’s always a lot of decent stuff posted. It is one of those places where if you post crap that is inaccurate, you get flushed. To use this forum, click timebomb2000 and scroll way down. You’ll then find the relevant stuff.

3. Stormfront.orgThis is also a larger forum than the one that is currently tripping bans, and you can speak more freely. However, it is not as good for getting news because despite having many more thousands of people online simultaneously, they all get split off into subcategories, it’s not an efficient news hit. But the current events thread is still OK, it gets hit more than any other.

4. Beforeitsnews.com I never hit this one unless I am desperate because it is the wild wild west where anyone will shoot you pure unadulterated bullshit whenever possible. But some real gems can land there if you have any discernment. You’ll get nailed by ads.

5. Rumormillnews.com This one moves slower than other forums and it misses a lot because there are only about 20 people who are allowed to post. But they are active posters and hit enough good stuff to make the site a worthy hit. BS can get posted there but they care about it when it does get posted so it’s not the wild west. All threads are sequential from time of posting regardless of how many hits they get hit so good stuff does not stay on top. But a useful feature is that once you hit it, when you return later anything you did not see is headlined in red.

There are many other forums and sites that are worthy hits, but if you want to be efficient those are the big ones that I know of, other than the obvious ones like the chans or reddit or ATS or others that are so inefficient they are useless if you need to move through things fast.

283 square miles contaminated so badly that animals both domestic and wild are dying

The media silenced the Palestine Ohio train derailment – for whatever reason I can’t even guess. But the fact remains that it is one of the greatest environmental catastrophes in American history

My thoughts are that the same authorities who did nothing to stop pfizer from ruining countless millions is actually seeking to cause damage in the population so no precautions at all are being taken with the vinyl chloride release perpetrated by the federal government, they are just sending people back home. This is a small capture, but the bottom line is that if chickens are dying 10 miles away in one direction, and other wildlife is dying 10 miles away in the opposite direction,over 280 square miles are toast. Near the site of the derailment, safe limits were exceeded by 8,000X. That’s not percent, it is X, 100 times more than a percent rating.


MSM ARTICLE (note the attempt to use wrong location!)

Five people who were killed when a small plane crashed soon after takeoff near Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport in Little Rock, Arkansas were a group of environmental consultants. 

All of the deceased worked at The Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health, and they were traveling to Columbus, Ohio, to respond to a recent deadly explosion at a metal manufacturing plant in Bedford.

The twin-engine plane they were traveling in went down around noon Wednesday near a factory within a mile of the airport. 

Everyone on the plane, including the pilot, worked at CTEH. The company specializes in environmental data collection and incident management – especially in terms of industrial hygiene and toxicology. 

Dr. Paul Nony (pictured) is senior vice president of The Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health, and confirmed that five of his employees died in the small plane crash on Wednesday

Dr. Paul Nony (pictured) is senior vice president of The Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health, and confirmed that five of his employees died in the small plane crash on Wednesday

Multiple law enforcement agencies were on the scene investigating the wreck, with local reports indicating there were high winds and thunderstorms in the area at the time of the crash. 

Dr. Paul Nony, senior vice president of CTEH, confirmed that the five deceased worked at the company. They were heading to investigate I. Schumann & Co’s recent explosion – in which the brass and bronze alloys firm burst into flames, leaving molten metal raining down on the surrounding area, and killing one staff member.

Dr Nony told DailyMail.com: ‘We are incredibly saddened to report the loss of our Little Rock colleagues. We ask everyone to keep the families of those lost and the entire CTEH team in their thoughts and prayers.’  

Five people have been killed after a small plane crashed near Bill and Hillary Clinton Airport in Little Rock, Arkansas. Dr. Paul Nony, senior vice president of CTEH, confirmed that the five deceased worked at the company

Five people have been killed after a small plane crashed near Bill and Hillary Clinton Airport in Little Rock, Arkansas. Dr. Paul Nony, senior vice president of CTEH, confirmed that the five deceased worked at the company

Pictured: The fire burning at I. Schumann & Co, in Bedford, Ohio. The metal manufacturing company exploded on Monday - killing one worker and injuring multiple others. It's now been revealed that the five people who died in the small plane crash on Wednesday were in fact environmental consultants who were responding to the Bedford blast

Pictured: The fire burning at I. Schumann & Co, in Bedford, Ohio. The metal manufacturing company exploded on Monday – killing one worker and injuring multiple others. It’s now been revealed that the five people who died in the small plane crash on Wednesday were in fact environmental consultants who were responding to the Bedford blast


Mystery surrounds death of Clinton aide linked to Epstein164.8k viewing now Journalist, nine-year-old girl, and woman, 20, all shot dead in hours47.3k viewing now Trump brings East Palestine thousands of bottles of his OWN water112k viewing now

Lt. Cody Burk, spokesperson for the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office, said there were ‘no survivors’ after the plane crash. The FAA is currently responding and investigating the cause of the incident.

The Federal Aviation Administration said the plane was a twin propeller-engine Beech BE20, which was bound for Columbus International Airport in Ohio when it went down shortly after takeoff. 

A large plume of white smoke could be seen rising from the crash site, which was reportedly outside a 3M Co factory plant. 

It is currently unclear what caused the plane to crash that killed the five colleagues.

Steve Mullins, 46,  was killed as a result of the explosion at the Northeast Ohio business, which makes brass and bronze alloy. The five people on board the plane on Wednesday died while en route to investigating the blast that killed Mullins

Steve Mullins, 46,  was killed as a result of the explosion at the Northeast Ohio business, which makes brass and bronze alloy. The five people on board the plane on Wednesday died while en route to investigating the blast that killed Mullins 

The Federal Aviation Administration said the plane was a twin propeller engine Beech BE20. Aircraft pictured is not the plane involved in Wednesday's incident

The Federal Aviation Administration said the plane was a twin propeller engine Beech BE20. Aircraft pictured is not the plane involved in Wednesday’s incident


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Authorities noted that the weather in the area had been severe, which was hampering their immediate investigations into the wreck. 

According to Arkansas Storm Team meteorologist Pat Walker, weather around the airport had seen significant wind gusts around the time of the crash. 

The National Weather Service said a line of thunderstorms had been moving through the area, including wind gusts of 40 miles per hour. The Pulaski Sheriff’s Office said it is investigating if weather was a factor in the incident. 

The twin-engine plane went down around noon Wednesday

The twin-engine plane went down around noon Wednesday

Authorities confirmed there were no survivors following the wreck

Authorities confirmed there were no survivors following the wreck

Witness Dennis Gordon told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that he was standing nearby when he heard a large explosion after strong winds blew into the area. 

He said the initial explosion was followed by several other smaller explosions, leading to a fire and a large plume of smoke. 

‘It was just red, then it starts turning black, and there’s this burnt smell,’ Gordon said.  

The witness added that a large amount of smoke filled the sky following the crash, with fire crews quickly on the scene to extinguish the fire. 

The Little Rock Police Department have confirmed that the investigation into the crash will be handled by Pulaski County. 

The Little Rock Fire Department, the FAA and several other federal and state agencies were also on the scene. 

The National Transportation Safety Board is also reportedly set to arrive at the crash site late Wednesday afternoon, as authorities continue to look into what caused the tragedy. 

The small twin engine plane was bound for Ohio when it went down shortly after takeoff

The small twin engine plane was bound for Ohio when it went down shortly after takeoff

Lt. Cody Burk, spokesperson for the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office, said officials are still working to determine the cause of the plane crash

Lt. Cody Burk, spokesperson for the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office, said officials are still working to determine the cause of the plane crash

One person died and at least 13 people were injured following a large explosion at the metal manufacturing plant in Bedford, Ohio.

Ambulances were pictured on the scene of I. Schumann & Co., which makes brass and bronze alloys. It’s unclear what caused the explosion, which happened around 2.15pm Monday.

One person was originally listed in critical condition but just after 8.30pm, the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed one person died from their injuries.

The victim has been identified as Steve Mullins, 46, a maintenance worker at I Schumann and Co.

The explosion in Bedford, Ohio is located just about 70 miles northwest of East Palestine, where a toxic train derailed on February 3. It is just south of Cleveland.

The blast sent smoke billowing into the sky that could be seen for miles around the damaged factory. 

All of those injured were on site, the falling debris having spared those at neighboring businesses, Oakwood Fire Department Captain Brian DiRocco said. 

The blast sent smoke billowing into the sky that could be seen for miles around the damaged factory

The blast sent smoke billowing into the sky that could be seen for miles around the damaged factory

Ambulances were pictured on the scene of I. Schumann & Co., which makes brass and bronze alloys

Ambulances were pictured on the scene of I. Schumann & Co., which makes brass and bronze alloys

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Five killed in plane crash were environmental consultants on their way to metal factory explosion


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