Density and Dimension – February 4, 2023


Editor’s Note: Ultimately, we all wonder as much as we can using our current capabilities. There are those who continue to seek “beyond” what us currently known, and this allows one (Source), to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


“In the beginning there was the Word. The Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

The bible was originally written in classical Hebrew.  The term מִלָה is what was translated to “Word”; however, this can also be translated to, succinctly, mean “particle”.  Keep this in mind as this material is read further.  Also, this is an attempt to describe things which are not 3rd dimensional in a 3 dimensional form, so this must be a consideration.  It’s like trying to paint a picture of Time.  Markers, such as physical items (clocks, watches, etc.), past events (WW2, twin towers, etc.)or future predictions (flying cars, teleporters, etc.) are used to depict the concept of time, as time has no tangible structure that is generally recognized.  This is a linear description of something which is not linear.

Additional considerations should also be made, to help with the clarity of the context of this writing.  During this explanation, understanding particular terms in specific ways will be beneficial to comprehend the message which is trying to be communicated.  For instance, Source will be used as a general proper noun describing what others may commonly refer to as God.  There are many other terms used to describe this Being/Entity as well; such as Allah, Jehovah, Creator, Father/Mother, Lord, Maker, I Am, and many more.  To allow for simplicity, Source will be used as a neutral descriptor of these.

To understand Dimensions and Density more clearly, acknowledging that there is a difference between the two is necessary.  It is common when researching spirituality to find material referring to “3rd dimension”, “5th dimension”, “3rd density”, “4th density”, etc.  Quite often there is confusion and many settle on the terms “Dimension” and “density” ultimately meaning the same thing.  They do not.  The difference, put simply, is one is referring to that which is intangible, and the other which is tangible.  Further explanation will follow.

Prior to Density, there was only Dimension.  Specifically, before there was that which is tangible, there was only that which is intangible.  Whereas Now, both Dimension and Density exist, there was a point where that which is tangible, Density (Density was imagined into existence through belief), did not.  Only the intangible existed, however it was perceived in that Now.

Source is the totality of energy.  It is infinite.  It is without beginning or end.  It is.  There is a Now where Source reached an awareness of Self.  It realized it existed, and its infinite potential.  A choice was made by Source to explore its Self, and during this exploration, it discovered there was an option to fragment its Self into many selves, or aspects of the whole.  A definable, energetic part of the whole.  One yet ethereal, but still very real.  Comparable to, what would be generally described as, a soul.  Not of mass, but of energy.  Each of these fragments has access to the full knowledge of Self, but was limited due to the fragmentation.  Just as water may be siphoned from an ocean, knowledge could be attained from Source, with the only limit being the size of the conduit.  To access more volume of water from the ocean, one must learn to increase the size of the pipe.  The same can be said of the fragments.  To increase their access to a larger volume of knowledge, learning to access larger conduits is necessary.

As a fragment, self was now definable as a ‘part of the whole’.  In defining anything, including a fragment of Self, boundaries are set, as a result of the defining.  That which is definable, is not infinite.  It is restricted to be within the boundaries set by the definition.  This does not disclude the potential of evolving beyond one’s current definition.  Growth only requires the release of previous definitions, or a redefining, as per the new parameters, or freedoms, which are being released or discovered.

When Source chose to fragment its Self, the energy fragments began to explore the dimensions of Self.  Fragments of Self went in all directions, with the freedom to choose where they desired, to continue their exploration of Self.  Much is being discovered about Self, and thus about the fragment itself.  The Dimensions of Self were explored (The exploration of Dimensions still occurs) to a vast extent prior to the creation of Density.  

A point occurred where enough knowledge, and so many dimensions had been accessed by the fragments, that the thought, and creation, of density became a potential.  Thus, a group of fragments, of the whole of Self, chose to pursue the exploration of this concept of Density, while still only being of the Dimensions of Self.  These fragments created an intention of having experience with Density, hence it came to be.  1st Density was born.  A particle of matter.

This particle was explored at depth to discover its further potential.  As more discoveries are made, additional Densities are created. Things such as atoms, and then molecules.  Then gases, liquids and solids, ultimately leading to complex life forms, such as bacteria, plants and animals.  Even planets, stars and beyond.  All things of matter.  Each of these things of matter being occupied by a fragment of Dimensional Self, for the sake of exploration and experience.

In the current Now, these fragments are experiencing a shift from 3rd Density to 4th Density.  Now, one of the restrictions of experiencing Density has been, the level of access a fragment, which is having the experience, has to its higher Dimensional self.  For instance, a 3rd Density being would, generally, only have access to their 3rd Dimensional self’s level of awareness and knowledge (Knowledge has no restricted access to the fragments existing only with the Dimensional realms).  This is due to the definition placed on that Density by the fragments investing their intention and energy into manifesting the Density.  However, as fragments are Now shifting from the 3rd to 4th Density, access to higher Dimensional energy and knowledge is gained with much more ease because the shift is about redefining the reality being experienced.  More access is an expected occurrence because the choice, of the fragments, to grow beyond the previous Density’s definitions, or limits.

Some of the beings of the 3rd Density are, and have been, experiencing more access to their higher Dimensional selve’s energy and knowledge for many lives now; in preparation of their shift to a 4th Density. The acclimation to the higher level Dimensional energy, while primarily experiencing a lower Density energy, can be quite jarring for some fragments, and barely noticed by others.  Either way, is the choice of the fragment.  It will conform to the desire of whatever it wishes to explore in this mix of Density and Dimensional realms.  The possibilities are infinite, thus there is no right or wrong way to have the experience.  It’s this wide variance of experience that Source seeks through its fragments.  This is not a competition.  It is a thorough process of the highest potential of Self Realization, for the benefit of all fragments.  The more variety, the better.

As this shift continues, the fragments of 4th, and higher, Dimensional experience will gain more access to the realm of 4th Density potential.  There are many higher Dimensional fragments here Now, though with restricted access to their higher Dimensional energy and knowledge.  Access to their higher selves, energy and knowledge will increase and become more fluid as the shift approaches and occurs.  

Know Thy Self. Fear not that which is different, for it is Self; just as are You.


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