Where’s The Biden Bumper Sticker on the Ballon? – February 4, 2023


The Bank of China gave the Bidens 10% of a billion-dollar investment fund, and Hunter has repeatedly acknowledged that he worked for the “spy chief of China.”

Do you think Joe Biden is worried about a Chinese spy balloon flying over our nuclear arsenal?



List of Chinese spy cases in the United States of America:

Xudong Yao

Zhongsan Liu

Zaosong Zheng

Yanqing Ye

Charles Lieber

Simon Saw-Teong Ang

Qing Wang

Xin Wang

Juan Tang

Chen Song

Kaikai Zhao

Li Xiaoyu

Dong Jiazhi

Alexander Yuk Ching Ma

Zhengdong Cheng

Guan Lei

Zhang Haoran

Tan Dailin

Jiang Lizhi

Qian Chuan

Fu Qiang

Mingqing Xiao

They set the groundwork for the Chinese weapon being in our country.

Who helped them?

Why did they help them?

Who are the family members?


How much money did B$den got from this……?


BREAKING: FAA grounds flights and temporarily restricts airspace off parts of North Carolina and South Carolina coast, military aircraft observed on radar circling in restricted zone


XiBiden Logic




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