Warning! EMP – Electromagnetic Pulse by The Storm Rider, February 4, 2023


Photo by Igor Mashkov on Pexels.com

Editor’s Note: (Many thanks to E. for this post!) Well…by now, most of us are aware of the “Chinese Weather Balloon” which has been shot down by the US Air Force over Surfside, SC. This action makes the post below a tad more optionable? Yes, yes, yes…we are moving all the more closer to BEing in…

Quantum Joy!


WARNING EMP Electromagnetic Pulse by The Storm Rider


For two years, Q, The Storm Rider, and several Patriot channels have been warning you of the EMP weapons that would be in the United States and the world to create CHAOS for the Deep State.

We are now approaching ZERO HOUR!


The Chinese balloons are EMP weapons and the [DS] Biden regime and (Obama) CCP allies are getting ready to assert EMP to take down the United States and South American power grid and cause CHAOS.

[They] are currently doing EMP test flights with the balloons and testing the EMP balloons.

CCP, NATO [DS] U.S. military, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Obama, Clintons, Biden, etc. are preparing to create a full war against CHINA, a world war. The CCP wants this war so they can remove XI. Inside the Deep State CCP operations, they want to blame XI for the war against the United States and then oust him after the EVENTS.

The United States military was given orders not to shoot down the Chinese spy balloons (not spy balloons) and the Chinese already know where all the U.S. missile silos are located by using their SATS for years. The orders to not shoot down the Chinese balloons came from BIDEN/OBAMA and their [DS] military force (about 30% of the U.S. military).

The White Hats knew these events were coming a long, long time ago and let the [DS] stage their plans.

The United States Space Force Operations and U.S. Intelligence agencies connected to White Hat military operations have long asserted that these events were happening now. The Cheyenne Mountain Military Command Center is well aware of what is happening and is letting the current U.S. captured operations by the CCP [DS] and Obama, to take place.

Everything is leading to military intervention and the U.S. Military Courts will go after the [DS>military captured operations] in military tribunals.

These events are currently happening and will clean out the United States of all foreign occupation and foreign countries like the CCP continuing to buy U.S. territory.

I have long told of these EVENTS coming and happening.

TRUMP – Keep WATCHING TRUMP, as he is PUBLICLY telling you everything he is going to do<

Everything leads to MILITARY
Laws of WAR



2 thoughts on “Warning! EMP – Electromagnetic Pulse by The Storm Rider, February 4, 2023

  1. Happy as hell to hear it was shot down, the nerve of those CCP cretins! Nice to hear our military isn’t totally impotent!


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