Kat Is The Sea – February 2, 2023


We had the strongest LIGHT hz’s today
than we’ve had this year.

Between President Trump’s War Paint face
& Sidney Kraken Powell reinstated on Twitter
& [likely] still knee deep in MIL Tribunals
& Kari Lake in the Arizona trenches
& Mike Lindell taking Election fraud to the streets
& Matt Gaetz & the House Republicans 
NOT doing business as usual
& RFK, Jr. suing the MSM for promoting the vax
& banks rejecting deep state crypto
& more than 1/2 the world on Gold backed currency
& Biden scandals keep on comin
& power outs, floods, earthquakes & blackouts
& the whole world gearing up for a
[faux] nuclear standoff —
I’m glad we have amazing Patriots on our side
because THEY lift LIGHT Frequencies
& ASCENSION is the goal 💥




Sidney Kraken Powell has been reinstated 

Where has she been? Very busy.
Ms. Kraken-Powell can be/is 
a Prosecutor @ Military Tribunals 😉

Russia begins Military Tribunals in E Ukraine
& U.S. MIL TRIBUNALS headed our way.

Juan O Savin
At the same time Russia is running their
Military Tribunals..
simultaneously Gitmo’s gonna be going too.
Gitmo’s ready to go.
New courtrooms
expanded Evidence Review & Storage Areas.
They have the harbor set up
so they can handle all our FEMA ships,
which can be used as Prison Ships
even during a Cat-5 storm
they’re anchored securely.
Not cuz they go there as old people
but because they’re going to stay there
until they’re old people
if they don’t get hung,
stretched in the neck before then
for the TREASON against America.
Firing Squads have been reactivated
lettin em all know this is coming.” 💥


I haven’t been reinstated yet
but good for you for what you posted! 💪000

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Helen Wheels @HelenWheels

01 February, 09:18

In response Kat istheSea3 to her Publication

From the beginning, I’ve felt that she is the real Durham.



That’s a marvelous, fun, wonderful thought, Helen! 💥

👇 Lest we forget, QTeam’s got this 😉



Wonderful! & true, N2!!

We are INFINITE Beings of God-Source LIGHT
we can do ANYTHING we can imagine 
& MORE 🌟🕊🌟🌷💝🌷🌟

“Whoever believes in me 
will do the works I have been doing
& they will do even greater things than these..”
John 14 : 12


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