Central Banks Funding World War – February 2, 2023


Editor’s Note: Yes, yes, yes! more are catching on to the fact that the Earth has been run by a YUGE banking cartel put into place by those of the dark.

The elimination of debt will all is Humanity to be able to live peacefully on this Planet engaging with others harmoniously as exploration into Beyond continues, causing All to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


In this week’s Silver and Gold Report, I explain why World War is impossible without Central Banking. It is easy to see that the 20th century was almost a perpetual war, beginning with the devious passing of the Federal Reserve Act.

Economist Ludwig Von Mises explains it precisely:

The war machine and the money machine, in short, are intimately linked. It is vain to denounce the moral grotesqueries of the U.S. empire without at the same time taking aim at the indispensable support that makes it all possible. If we wish to oppose the state and all its manifestations — its imperial adventures, its domestic subsidies, its unstoppable spending and debt accumulation — we must point to their source, the central bank, the mechanism that the state and its kept media and economists will defend to their dying days.

Americans have only the captured and centrally controlled media to explain why they should send resources, including billions of central bank-created dollars, military hardware, and training personnel, to Ukraine. 

Without a critically responsible press, most people cannot understand what is happening in any political matter; they see and hear only the propaganda of the politically-controlled press.

Americans have no obligation or reason to support Ukraine in a contrived, prolonged, and escalating war that is likely to evolve into a total World War (if needed). This war was started to support an agenda that is not America first and does not benefit most people in general.


Central banks are pushing the financial system into collapse while financing millions for military hardware and Billions in funding to be sent to Ukraine.  While this continues, inflation will rise as more and more dollars will be required to keep liquidity in the money markets.  

There is still time to move your dollars into assets that preserve purchasing power as the dollar’s value continues to fall. Please read the article and start planning to survive the financial collapse. 

Get updates now on silver and gold prices, the current state of housing and automobile markets, and steps you can take to preserve your wealth and prepare for the coming collapse.

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