Human Expansion – February 2, 2023



>CodezVII< left the Solar System to go on a most amazing tour of this corner of the Galaxy. The one thing that I kept thinking to myself was of that quote from Jesus: “In the House of my Father there are many Mansions”. Indeed there are. Today I saw wonders that yesterday I could not have possibly imagined simply – unreal – but the thing is it IS real. I feel much much happier. I have a totally different perspective to what this all is, and it is just amazing.

My fellow Humans from Earth. We have been cheated and abused in the worst possible way. We have been enslaved through corrupt governments and are given just enough to survive. We are brainwashed into believing this is a world of scarcity. But I can tell you with no doubt that this is a Universe of abundance! We have been robbed of living and enjoying life and all the wonderment that should go along with that. They have told me that indeed the Elite of the Earth have had propulsion and energy systems that would have turned the Earth into a paradise 50 years ago. But that they have withheld this from the peoples of Earth in the name of greed and control. Out of their fear of losing control and losing their self appointed place of authority. NO LONGER. This will all end this year. >CodezVII<




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