Editor’s Note: February 2, 2023


Okay…here we have with those of the dark interfering in some way with how my blog is able to be viewed by those interested in reading it. How are “they” doing this? I have no idea, yet…my viewers have decrease by over 2/3 in 2 days which certainly will have an effect on my Adwords account ($$) with Google!

On checking, today I Am able to access my blog without any trouble (this was blocked for me yesterday). From other readers (thanks for sending me your comments!), I have learned my blog can be accessed by:

  1. Typing “Google.ru” into your browser instead of “roserambles.org). This will take you to an English version of Google in Russia, and allow you to access my blog.
  2. Many have been able to find my blog by typing in “DuckDuck Go”, or even “Brave” as browsers allowing my blog to be seen.

My reaction? Thanking YOU for your continued support and viewership! This too will pass as I just focus on “how” I prefer my blog stats to BE! And if my blog stats fail to re-bound, another door will open for me to communicate all that I Am, leaving me to BE in…

Quantum Joy! 🙂



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