America Under Attack – February 2, 2023


Editor’s Note: This is an article sent to me by a friend. I share his thoughts which may echo within many more. These thoughts are certainly factual and reflect discontent with the way “things” appear to be NOW (No Other Way).

Perhaps NOW (No Other Way) IS the moment for all to find another way out of this predicament? The old physical “rock ‘em, sock it to ‘em” war doesn’t exist any more, so humans are left with other ways to attack others through playing “mind games” backed up with bullets.

How do we escape “mind games”? By paying attention (called focus) to “that which we want”, mind games become ineffective! Furthermore, focusing on ideas/thoughts/actions which make You Happy, will generate ideas/thoughts/actions which will support your happiness and allow you to BE in ..

Quantum Joy!


America Under Attack

We are now fighting the worlds first Smart War or maybe we should call it the first IWAR. No Bombs, Rockets, fighter Planes, Warships, boots on the ground. We have been caught with our pants down and totally unprepared and oblivious to the new tactics employed.

In the past we had Radar and early warning systems to alert us to an invasion. We see them coming, we react and stop them. Seems simple, but if you are driving and texting you may not see the obvious danger of a garbage truck pulling into your path…

Well, guess what. Not only is our President and his Millennium Sheep Hearders, not watching the road, It appears they can’t see over the dashboard.

China has installed an app to collect analytical data on each geographical region so they will understand how to handle the Sheep when the time comes to round up the flocks and apply the RED brand. By knowing your heard it is much easier to get them corralled and later processed and believe me they are learning and watching 24/7.

By funneling massive amounts of money to susceptible weak moraled politicians (facilitators) they have arranged for the Southern Border to be left open. NOTE: it is important to point out at this point as Al Gore joked about at the big Green Conference “Me and my Dem friends convinced the US (sheep) that the IRA (inflation reduction act) bill that was once again passed without being read actually was mostly to support green energy that we all are investors in” NOTE 2: GREEN here refers to the color of money, not the saving of the planet.

Now the border is unsecured China then started shipping tons of poisonous Fentanyl to Cartel Labs all over Mexico. In a partnership with the drug cartels they are now murdering 300 Americans per Day… PAY ATTENTION HERE: that’s 109,000 dead Americans this year. Military records show 58,000 Americans killed in Vietnam conflict.

LETS REVIEW: China has put in place a mechanism to kill 109,000 Americans per day while the Liberal media works to convince us to LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE and everything is fine. We are now in a war that has, and is continuing to kill 300plus Americans every day and most Americans don’t even realize it…





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