PortialeePlace ~ January 11, 2023


●The MILITARY without “WeThePeople” results in civil war.
●”WeThePeople” without the MILITARY results in certain bondage.
●Only can we even HOPE to recover, maintain, and sustain the precious Constitutional Republic for which our forefathers fought and died.

Our prayer -going forward- must be a request for God HIMSELF to reach down with a gentle breath of His mighty power to touch those angry hearts who know only how to berate and belittle, to name-call and accuse others when the truth of the matter is that we are all in this together, loving our God and loving this land that He so graciously gave to us.

Coming ashore in 1607, Rev. Robert Hunt made COVENANT between Almighty God Himself and this nation at Jamestown (VA), the site of our first colony founded in 1607: May this “Covenant of Dedication” remain to all generations, as long as this earth remains, he said. (…that would be us…)

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