New SGAnon Warning Billions Will be Dying Jan 8, 2023 ~ posted January 11, 2023


Editor’s Note: Pretty sure this warning is in relation to those who have received “The Jab”. However, having an active imagination, and sure sense of what you want to experience is key for “holding on” during these times.

Keeping a positive attitude means:

  1. Keeping an active imagination of BEing in a positive place inside of you, “I feel rich/beautiful/loved”. Then…BE that which you desire for as little as 17 consecutive seconds. Kinda like “play acting” for the best of reasons…it works!

2. Talk to your own self out loud, and say “Thank You” for those things you desire. Saying “Thank You” is in itself, a powerful tool indicating to the Universe/God/All That Is that you have already received “whatever”, and so you are giving thanks!

3. Keep an eye on your attitude as your ability to “stay” in a happy place actually raises your own personal vibratory rate, which serves you well as great things begin to be witnessed as this Earth moves into a higher vibratory rate (some cal tlhis BEing in the the 5th Dimension). Remember…You are at your most powerful when you offer a vibration on purpose!

Now you know how to actively “manifest” and how to BE ready for living in a 5D world, while you are in…

Quantum Joy!


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