Answers A Lot of Questions – January 8, 2023


Editor’s Note: (Thanks to U. for this one!) Wow! Please listen to this conversation which provides the spiritual reasoning (which is “true reality” for me) for exactly why things are as they are today.

Why do we hear, read, and see “disinformation “ on what seems a routine basis from established governments? The answer is: Information IS the tool used, instead of guns/bullets, to wage war. The basic tenet of information is that either you be-lie-ve it, or you do not…and your be-lie-f will guide your action!

This is “why” ALL information you receive should be examined, using your intuitive heart, before taking any action. Is what you are told agree with your “inner self”? I recommend following your gut reaction which is reflective of your own truth!

The really good news is our ability to manifest “that which we desire” even more quickly, off-setting various not-so-good situations! So, don’t be afraid of bucking a trend, or of taking a risk, if this is what your heart is telling you.

Living a life in agreement with your “core” you yields disengaging your automatic pilot, balancing the decisions of your life, and then BEing in…

Quantum Joy!

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