Even More Telegram Tonight – January 8, 3023

Salvation is not seen with the eyes but comprehended with the mind.

The more you know.


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Remember when the lightweight and perennially wrong Failing New York Times Columnist Paul Krugman predicted that the Stock Markets and U.S. Economy would CRASH while I was in office. Well, he was 100% wrong, again. But it did later crash, as Inflation lifted it’s ugly head, after I was out – Self inflicted wounds all! If you sold the day I left, you would have made a “fortune!” Next time, when I leave, SELL…And don’t listen to dopey Paul Krugman.

CRASH in all Caps!💥










No LTGBQ+ couples here! 🌹

Former Hallmark Channel star Candace Cameron Bure has thanked her fans for tuning in to her new network, Great American Family, which recently touted itself as “the fastest growing network” in cable.


Newly arrived illegals on US soil Cher Biden (?) motercade! 🌹

This is what Biden didn’t see at the border




In reality, she is in Gitmo! 🌹

Some people did something 🤣


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