DEEP STATE – WAKE UP FACTS – January 6. 2023



Editor’s Note: Thanks again to E. For this post!

What is the Deep State – Cabal – Illuminati – Elite?

How can this have happened?
Why didn’t we see this before?

Historical context:

It is beyond the scope of this article to summarize the history of the Mediterranean area and the Near East up until the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 A.D, but this is how far back all of this goes…

The Assyrian Empire, Phoenician Empire and Babylonian Empire are famed examples of the numerous ancient polities recorded by historians.

The Roman Empire displayed aspects of sovereign power structures that are broadly common to ancient and contemporary global power hierarchies. The Emperor was the ruler of the Roman Empire. During the late period, Roman Emperors held other titles such as Caesar and Pontifex Maximus. These titles share similarities with the Pope and British Sovereign. Queen Elizabeth II was the head of the modern Commonwealth Empire. Her office was the authority that approved the Head of the Church of England, also known as the Archbishop of Canterbury.

By constitutional authority, the Crown could dismiss elected British Governments (dissolve Parliament). Its overseas representatives, the Governor Generals, could dismiss the elected governments in sovereign modern-day nation-states such as Australia and Canada.

Modern Context

With rare exceptions, the sitting heads of state of influential modern-day nations do not publicly admit that a Deep State apparatus rules over their sovereign lands.

No credible global power structure has publicly claimed to be the Deep State or a component of such an apparatus.

It was difficult to prove with adequqte evidence that a contemporary Deep State holds the reins of ultimate power. If any such body exists, it would not want its structure to be made public knowledge. Such admission would be confirming that the congress or parliament of multiple nation-states is a rubber stamp façade that has no true power as it answers to a higher authority.

This situation contradicts the Doctrine of Parliamentary Sovereignty that exists in most Western countries. According to this Doctrine, the elected congress is the highest authority in the land. It was all false evil illusion.

We, the Critical-thinking researchers, have used information to conduct our own research to further share knowledge to reveal the Deep State and the structures that this entity exhibits within all of our own nations, global regions and world order.


The Deep State has aggressively concealed the masterplan of its heinous agenda — the depopulation of the planet and exploitation of its resources. The ratio of ‘We the People’ is around 100,000:1 (0.001%) in Western nations. Few people would have supported having any role in crimes against humanity if they understood the masterplan.

The major way that the Deep State executes its sadistic agenda is by hiding the true roles that lower ranking public and private sector employees, i.e. pawns, contribute to their overall schemes. This grand agenda is shared only with those who need to know. Others are told the bare amount of information required to contribute to the masterplan. Sharing minimal details with pawns is known as ‘compartmentalization’.

Figures attached are generic illustrations of this principle:

  • Lower rankings did not know that some sealed coffins flown home on military aircraft are loaded with Afghan opium for Deep Statists.
  • Missionary nurses did not know that ‘life-saving’ vaccines they compassionately inject into Africans are deliberately loaded with HIV.
  • Deep State criminals aimed to depopulate and financially rape resource rich Africa.
  • Deep State criminals aimed to depopulate and financially rape rich America.
  • Deep State criminals aimed to depopulate and financially rape rich Australia.
  • Deep State criminals aimed to depopulate and financially rape rich Asia.
  • Deep State criminals aimed to depopulate and control the whole world.


A repeat theme in Deep State diagrams shows citizens at the bottom of the hierarchy, based on socio-economic status. It was the aim of the Deep State to keep this bottom level of the hierarchy; we the people, asleep. They considred humanity as sheep slaves.


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