White Hats against the Black Hats – January 6. 2023


Editor’s Note: Many thanks to E. For this post!

Military general personnel and officer staff of colonials are setting up for opposition of military operations that are against the (alledged) current US President are about to take place. The Council of National Security knows that Biden is about to act and start military operations against its own military (White Hats). The clock is ticking.

The 200,009 sealed documents are about to be released. The indictments pertain primarily to those who were involved in:

  • creating 9/11
  • Bioweapons at Chapel Hill in the United States;
  • SARS 11 Creation
  • Military coup – treason against DJ Trump
  • Treason by high-ranking US officials and several former US Presidents (Obama, Bushes, Clinton)
  • Human trafficking by US official, military branches and commanders, including US bases connected to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Epstein (blackmail/bribery), and Clinton’s operations
  • Several intelligence agencies that have been captured by foreign operations
  • Several CEOs and high-ranking elites that run Big Tech and Social Media platforms that colluded with Election Interference
  • Weapons Trade
  • Selling US Oil Industry to Foreign interests
  • Etc.

The massive block of 200K+ indictments is in connection:

  • to fixing US Elections
  • Arresting all agents foreign and domestic who conspired in treason, planning military coups against a sitting US President, namely Donald J. Trump.

Everything you have been witnessing during the past several years is now coming to a head, as the Deep State Cabal, intelligence agencies, Rockefellers, Bushes, Obama, and Biden, get set to activate the DS-controlled military against the White Hat military in hopes they can stop the 200K+ indictments from being unsealed and exposing EVERYTHING.

War is coming into the thick of the STORM as the [DS] Ukraine war crumbles, the [DS] pandemic is being exposed; the [DS] world money laundering operations are being blocked and exposed.

The fall of the world Deep State is connected to the Rothschilds Family loss of power in the European Union (EU) and Asia. The focus now returns to the United States, to the Rockefeller Family, who with the [DS] CIA killed John F. Kennedy. We are now coming to the brink of U.S. military arrayed against [DS] controlled U.S. military…

It had to be this way…
Military is the only way.

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