Darkness To Light – January 6. 2023


Note to Readers:

From the writing style of the original, this article had to be written by the individual calling themselves Q The Storm Rider. I have edited and reformatted for easier reading. The original can be found @USAMarinesQ on Telegram.

Can you see now the need to take time to ferret out all of the layers of deeply embedded bureaucracy and layers of institutionalized compartmentatization in every system on the planet? All of the sleepers, moles, spies, agents, thugs, intelligence agencies owned and commanded by the DS had to be uncovered. Step by painful step the DS has been shorn of its abilities to launder money, move drugs, traffick children, sell weapons to criminal cartels, strip law-abiding citizens of their right to arms, censor speech, manipulating young people, destroying the family, aborting the young… all of these things were designed to take down humanity, depopulate the planet.

The deeply hidden agenda of the Deep State is related to our former off-world controllers, the regressive Anunnaki factions and their hybrids, and the Ciakahrr/Nebu Orion Gray hybridization program to repopulate the planet with their own kind. Earth has been subjected to custodial wars for thousands of years. The Great Flood was one action taken by the powerful Anunnaki general known as Enlil, who intentionally created one of the greatest Catastrophe on this planet, but not the first one. There is much to remember, much trauma to collectively heal.

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