THE CRUCIAL MOMENT “NOW” ~ Nov. 18, 2022



As our body and vibration purifies, there is always an evolution going on and a new level to move to.

The Ascension doesn’t end in the fifth dimension. This is just the beginning of a wonderful and eternal journey.

Henceforth, we shall continue to ascend from one level to another, from one glory to another glory forever and for eternity. The ascending journey never ends. This is our nature and our birthright.

It’s the heart now, it’s the heart that goes up first, and then the rest follows.

Let us wait with joy and gratitude for the surprises that come from the kingdom.

Earth is being given a tremendous opportunity for a major spiritual leap right now. The higher collective consciousness of all human beings on Earth has asked for the opportunity to produce something that has never been given before: planetary ascension.

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