Secret Garden ~ THE CRUCIAL MOMENT “NOW” FRACTAL PORTAL ~ Nov. 18, 2022


Secret Garden

Happy 8:8 Portal of our Lion Nation in the Courage of  the Great Awakening Codex . Today we commence the next 13 day Wavespell journey of the Blue Night of Dreaming and Abundance on the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar.

As we step through this Galactic Portal of the Dream of this New Dispensation of Time we are being inundated with intense waves of Higher Dimensional Light. We experienced another blast of light for the third day in a row with a white spike of light on the Schumann Charts at an amplitude of 30 hz. 5D Frequencies pulsing in.

Many Light Workers and Grid Workers are experiencing intense vertigo and higher heart palpitations in the thymus and expansion of the pericardium.

Ruby Ray activations flowing in from the Great Central Sun to activate the Secret Ray and Internal Fire of Ultimate Love and Divine Service for Gaia and all of Hue-manity.

Kuan Yin and Goddess Sarasvati are with us to assist in Enlightening our Heart for the full Illumination of our True Nature; the Pure Awareness of our Bright Virtue. Nothing can no longer hide in the shadows of the past, all is being revealed in this Revelation for the healing and integration of all the lost parts of our multidimensional self that were fragmented through ignorance programs and are now being channeled back into our Soul Star Spark for full rebirth and remembrance of our Sacred Self at one with Prime Creator, Mother/ Father God.

Like a Celestial Lighthouse, beam your Golden Solar Heart Ray to help guide our Rainbow Tribe of  the New Earth safely to Shore. In the Unborn Mind of Buddha we resolve all things perfectly and bring all into the Harmonic Convergence of the One True Ascension timeline for all Sentient Beings of the Way…A’Ho!

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