November 16, 2022; Warning—Twists and Hairpin Turns Ahead ~ Nov. 15, 2022


Disappointment comes with the territory in a war. Even when you’re on the winning side, you will have defeats along with the victories. We all have our expectations as to what we would like to see happen in this war but we are not privy to the back stories and why things must unfold as they are.  That leaves us to our faith and intuition and the many signs that remarkable things are indeed displayed if we have the eyes to see. The war isn’t about us. It’s so much more.

While not a bad thing that President Trump would be running for that office in 2024, most of us had hoped that due to the outrageous cheating in the elections, we would not be in this position now. Our finely honed sense of right and wrong dictates that something must be done to publicly expose the corruption and malevolent nature of the creatures who have been running the world—and fix it. Consequences are mandatory but swift justice is elusive.

The crew has shared insights on Trump’s announcement that he will run for President in 2024 and points out that he did speak the words, “My fellow Americans” in his address last night from Mar-a-Lago. Perhaps there are potential clues in this week’s events such as at the Federal Reserve, they also suggest, to explain why this unexpected turn might appear, but when it comes down to it, President Trump IS the storm [or at least represents it] and now he has made it official. The maestro’s intervention will be a challenge to the dark and there is nothing they can do to stop him. The American People have decreed that Trump will be at the helm, and the satanic globalists will never stop trying to control the chess board.

Here we go again. Hours after the announcement.

House Democrats Try To Block Trump From Running For President

Regardless of what is happening behind the scenes, Trump will never give up, the Earth Alliance will never give up, and neither will we. That should be enough. We need to be stronger, more determined, more cunning, and more relentless than the enemy. If the world’s peoples were awake then it would be a different chess board but we have to deal with the criteria we have; deep programming and decades of manipulation by the dark forces.

There would be no point in making bold moves that would devastate the masses because they came out of left field and they can’t grasp it. It would be inhumane and the suicides, they tell us, would be astronomical.

There is no going back, my friends; only forward. Our ranks are swelling dramatically now as the shameless election fraud pries open the eyes of even the most entranced. I can pretty much guarantee not everything will go as we would like, but we are not in control. It must be done once, and done right. The end will be worth it.

SGAnon is a “lieutenant” come out of the fog at a critical time. I recommend we follow his intel, insights, and counsel. He is very active on Truth Social.

>USMC active in DC
>DC=ghost town
>Those saying “there’s no Q” haven’t followed 45’s own actions on his TruthSocial
>Those saying “No NG/devolution/military ops” are at best confused, or have failed to read bona fide documents Trump himself signed

I would not want to be in the shoes of the men and women who have put everything on the line to do this work. It’s thankless, anonymous, extremely dangerous, highly criticized, and almost completely misunderstood. It’s also brilliant, and so much so that we and the enemy are unable to see what is coming.

Late add: Just heard the following on Telegram and stuck it in here. I have had no alert yet on my phone.

Alerts on phones and TVs all across Canada last couple hours 😎
I heard US too!

Yes, many are probably disappointed that the Alliance has not made the bold moves we had hoped with respect to the election rigging, but we will soldier on. There is much work to do, and a fresh storm approaches. We have excellent sources of information and if we steer clear of the questionable and cabal “intel sources” and stick to a handful of reliable ones, we can mitigate the disappointments.

If everyone could just innerstand one thing—that this is an INFORMATION WAR, and that the weapons are INFORMATION in all its forms, they would find it far easier to weather the storm. EXPECT disinformation, build-ups and let-downs, dates that don’t pan out, and a lot of DIS-information. Trump is the best one to get the truth from.

Blaming anyone for our frustration is pointless. As digital warriors we need to accept the responsibility for our personal interpretation and expectations. No one is telling us what to think. We choose.

For the record, no one stopped the red wave; they only prevented us from seeing it clearly. America has been getting redder since Donald Trump took office in 2016. It’s a process.

Here is an update from Q the Storm Rider from Telegram.

The RED WAVE did happen!

It was very important for everyone to vote, even if the ] DS] did steal the election as planned. The important factor is later the real numbers WILL come out and the U.S.Mil and several agencies were Watching in real time.
( You have to understand the U.S. mil. And certain government org. Have three most powerful computers on Earth. In Hawaii. Florida, Denver. Cheyenne mnt. [ Seized Denver AIRPORT D.U.M.B ]>White hats in Silicon valley)/////

Do you think it was just coincidence that FTX scandal broke in the middle of ELECTIONS<

What other crypto agencies are in the [ kill box]

With TRUMP running for President.. The last of the SWAMP RINOs Will be EXPOSED and those who colluded with DNC . Big tech. > CRYPTO LAUNDERING</
Personal note;
I was never angry at the current Elections
, For Two years now it’s been revealed to you that Military Operations are in place. ( Through the world.. Hence fall of UKRAINE. Money Laundering ops. Fall of ROTHSCHILDs.Fall of Nights of Malta in VATICAN.Fall of the Queen. Fall of the FIAT CENTRAL BANKING….)////
These world operations are now getting ready to center on U.S. DEEP STATE OPS.//)))
U.S. are the NEXT IN THE LINE OF SITE<[. ]

[ CCP]

*You were WARNED the three branches of government are foreign captured operations.
and DOJ .fbi. and 3 letter agencies are corrupt and the only way to solve the problem is….
MILITARY is the only way.

And it’s been happening behind the scenes.
And continues to loud Thunderous OVERT ops.

You are beginning to see… U.S. Officials publicly money laundering to UKRAINE and receiving the money back in donations….
( This public information dropped is very very important)//// Everything leads to MILITARY INTERVENTION…. EVERYTHING//// THIS HAS LONG BEEN THE PLAN


Shall we play a game<

_EVENT coming up<

The scare EVENT

You wanted a storm. I think it’s coming.

It’s pretty stormy in Brazil. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people in once place.

HOW IT’S DONE: Over 3 Million Brazilians Protest Election Fraud – Bolsonaro to Annul the Steal!

I’m reasonably certain I don’t need to tell you that those missiles that exploded in Poland weren’t Russian. This is classic cabal false flag war tactics. It’s never what the media tell us, and Russia isn’t the world’s enemy. They are the cabal’s enemy and they are cleaning out Ukraine, a major deep state/cabal stronghold.

If we needed more proof that Kiev is trying to embroil US and NATO in direct, possibly nuclear war, with Russia it’s these reckless, false claims by @ZelenskyyUa. In fact no Russian missiles hit Poland. As even NATO governments admit, these were Ukrainian

— Ali Abunimah (@AliAbunimah) November 16, 2022

Many are disappointed in the election but that fiasco served its purpose as we will see later. This is a terrific interview with Gen. Thomas McInerney and Emerald Robinson about the more overt steals and the incredible disappearing votes—overnite. The general says they were due to cyber warfare conducted by China.

You probably heard at least some of the machines were WiFi-capable and that means they were basically hooked up to the Internet where data was sent to China and then back to the machines again in the form decided upon by the tricksters. Watch on Frank Speech at the link below. 12 minutes.

The Absolute Truth Interview With : General Thomas Mcinerney – (Ret.) USAF Lt.

What’s the deal here? More disappointing decisions from the swamp.

The judge in Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault trial in Los Angeles has dropped four of the 11 charges filed against the disgraced Hollywood mogul.

— NEWSMAX (@NEWSMAX) November 16, 2022

Are Humans sick of being corralled, gagged and punished for their brilliance? If the reality of our world were able to present itself, we would see an entirely different place. That world is coming, despite the attempts of the hateful creatures who seek to keep us imprisoned and backward.

— illuminatibot (@iluminatibot) November 16, 2022

The crew told us recently that there is a shortage of Tylenol at least in some parts of Canada, and we wondered why. It’s my habit to look on most of the shortages as engineered, by either side. We know Tylenol is a dangerous product and the White Hats may have pulled it from the market for their own reasons. Perhaps there was a plot to make Tylenol even more dangerous, considering so many are brainwashed into thinking it’s the bees knees for pain relief. We would do well to eliminate Big Pharma poisons from our lives as soon as possible.

There was a baby formula shortage in America a few months ago and we wondered if it was due to dangerous products, possibly laced with hidden ingredients. SGANon also mentioned in his ElijahStream interview that one of his early discoveries of criminal behaviour was the discovery of Human baby tissue in “flavour additives” in our food. That research led him to the fact that HEK is used by Senomyx. That is Human Embryonic Kidney cells.

That story came up recently and was shared widely in the Truther community. We know they always have the words in their research and marketing to make their work and products sound benign and beneficial when they are the opposite.

 A company based out of California, known as Senomyx, is in the business of using aborted embryonic cells to test fake flavoring chemicals, both savory and sweet, which are then added to things like soft drinks, candy and cookies. And Senomyx has admittedly partnered with a number of major food manufacturers to lace its cannibalistic additives into all sorts of factory foods scarfed down by millions of American consumers every single day.

This link to a PDF at has a lot more detail about the companies who are or were using Senomyx flavour enhancement products.

What SGAnon revealed about that sick practice is of course the reason they would do it at all; ingesting those materials blocks our Human consciousness and our connection to Source. Anything these freaks do is for their ultimate benefit, not ours, and you can bet they have very good reason for spending the money and time on research and development they will never openly reveal to the public by choice. They deceive at every turn because they know that Human sensibilities would find such practices revolting and inhumane.

This petition didn’t get the legs it needed but does provide a brief overview and fortunately, the cat was out of the bag and some companies rejected the so-called research under cover of “flavour enhancement” and no longer use Senomyx products.

For those of you who run to to tell you what to think, here they are denying what we know to be factually true. Not only do they deny it, they attack in the process.

What the emerging truth does do, however, is provide solid reasoning to ban the open abortion business where any woman [only women get pregnant] can terminate their pregnancy at any time. Organizations like Planned Parenthood who again, pretend to be helping communities, are in place to fuel the despicable practices the predators set up which use Human body parts for trade and profit. Children are a currency in their sick, twisted world. Planned Parenthood sells fetuses for top dollar to research companies and we know this due to the hidden camera interviews from those who sometimes paid the price of prison for exposing the crimes.

The following is representative of the direction the control freaks want to take America. These are the people controlling the world showing us their design for a better USofA. No crime, no time, just rewards.

BREAKING: Chuck Schumer calls for amnesty for all 11 million or more illegal immigrants in the US because we are short of workers and says the American population “is not reproducing on its own with the same level that it used to.”

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) November 16, 2022

That bullcrap Schumer is spouting wants no accountability, no consequences for anything done illegally because they can come up with all kinds of absurd reasons for it. They have been reducing sperm counts and increasing taxes meaning both parties in a relationship have to work at least one job to satisfy a normal life. Many have chosen not to have children for that reason. It’s all part of the plan to destroy the middle class.

In addition to that they have interfered in genders and are encouraging boys and girls to get sex changes which render them incapable of procreating.

The so called “vaccines” caused record still-births and miscarriages. It’s not rocket science why birth numbers have decreased. Then add in the outrageous number of “vaccines” babies are given in their first few months of life and we can see the plan very clearly.

Their scheme is full of holes because millions of illegals have already flooded America and there are “hiring” signs in windows everywhere in my city. So where are the illegals who will fill those positions? Where are they?

Incidentally, we understand some spectacular technology went into that wall that wasn’t quite finished. Trump has done far more than anyone knows, but one day we will learn the full extent of it. It’s sad to see people jumping on the DeSantis bandwagon after what Trump has sacrificed and accomplished. And he has now signed up for more. No retirement for him.

Nothing we see is ever about just one thing; one goal. The wall was meant to stop not only satanic entities from invading America, but for stopping the Human trafficking which is the biggest business going. There are multiple posts on this channel on Telegram with updates on the Human trafficking stings and investigations. One of the biggest objectives of the Trump administration was to end Human trafficking and huge strides have been and are being made almost daily.

END HUMAN TRAFFICKING, [11/16/2022 12:59 PM]
16 Nov 2022 U.S.

▫️High-speed chase ends in human trafficking arrest
A high speed chase that started in Pinal County and ended in downtown Phoenix was a human trafficking situation, DPS officials say.

▫️Operation ‘Net Nanny’ nets 12 online predators
CHEHALIS, Wash. – Twelve individuals were taken into custody in Lewis County this weekend as part of a multi-agency operation identifying those allegedly involved in the sexual abuse and exploitation of children.

▫️Undercover King County detectives arrest 9 suspects planning to pay for sex with minors
KING COUNTY, Wash. – King County deputies arrested nine people suspected of inappropriately communicating with minors as young as 14 years old, planning to pay money to have sex with them. Undercover detectives conducted the arrests during a sting operation at a hotel in SeaTac.

▫️Eastern Ky. man charged with child sexual exploitation offenses
BREATHITT COUNTY, Ky. – A Breathitt County man was arrested on charges related to child sex abuse, on Tuesday. 45-year-old Gary D. Gross was arrested by Kentucky State Police, after an undercover Internet Crimes Against Children investigation.

▫️26-year-old man arrested in online sex sting: OR cops
Officers arrested Edward Hernandez-Corchado, a social studies teacher who works at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, on Nov. 11 “after an investigation into online sexual predators,” according to a news release by the Bend Police Department. Police said there may be more victims.


END HUMAN TRAFFICKING, [11/16/2022 1:22 PM]
16 Nov 2022 U.S.

▫️Eight Women Rescued from Sex Traffickers in Tampa Bay
On October 24, 2022, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, in Tampa, FL recovered eight victims from a human trafficking operation in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. The victims are between the ages of 18 and 24. Two individuals, Amet Macqueira De La Cal, 35, and Rosalie Leonard Garcia, 29, were arrested.

▫️Man Wanted For Child Sex Assault In N. Plainfield, Found In Utah
NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ — Fabian Osuna-Vargas, 39, of North Plainfield was charged with first-degree aggravated sexual assault of a 9-year-old girl.

▫️Utah twin brothers charged in child porn investigation
SPANISH FORK, Utah – Two twin brothers out of Spanish Fork were charged with multiple counts of sexual exploitation of a minor after allegedly keeping and trading sexual content of underaged individuals, according to the Utah County Attorney’s Office. On November 9, officers with the Special Victims Unit from the Utah County Sheriff’s Office served a warrant on the address and interviewed two individuals who lived there, twin brothers Braxton and Braydon Ferguson. Upon being interviewed by officers, Braxton, 22, and Braydon, 22, admitted to having shared content depicting children in sexual acts.

▫️Laredo Sector Border Patrol disrupts human smuggling operation at a stash house
LAREDO, Texas – Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents working together with Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) disrupted a human smuggling operation at a stash house in Laredo, Texas. On Nov. 15, Border Patrol agents assigned to the Laredo North Station working together with DPS, arrived at a residence in central Laredo. When they entered the home, they discovered a total of 13 people that were being held inside the home.


People are angry. How angry? This particular fellow is red in the face during his tirade in front of the Arizona Board of Supervisors for Maricopa County. Link to Telegram. 1 min. 41 sec.

By the way… The video above regarding the police chase in Phoenix for a Human Trafficking bust led immediately afterward into a news story on a bagful of ballots for Northern California found off a highway near Santa Cruz. These were mailed ballots sent in a week prior to the election that never reached a ballot box. Interesting, yes? It appears the Democrats hired people to collect ballots from mailboxes [postal employees???] and discard them. This was a stupid way to do it, obviously. I would have burned them.

If you’re not on Telegram, this full video of proceedings in Phoenix this morning includes those same angry remarks at the w hr. 14 min. mark as mentioned above, among the many other residents who stepped up to comment at the meeting, which I have not yet watched.

We have a fire alert in the Los Angeles, California area due to high winds incoming. We hope nothing develops, of course, but when we see these issued, it often means a plan is about to be executed and the fires might be “engineered”, causing blackouts, evacuations, etc. More BS used to promote their ‘climate change’ agenda. Link to Telegram.

Red Flag Warning in effect for Ventura and Los Angeles counties until 7 pm this evening due to gusty northeast winds peaking 55 to 75 mph and low relative humidity.

This is Critical Fire Weather!

Before you sink into despair over the trajectory or apparent situation now, consider this:


It was never about retaking Congress
Senate never mattered. Never part of the plan
Savory. Irresistible.
“My Candidacy for President of the United States” (when?)
It was never about 2024. It was about “historic 3rd term” narrative.
Irregular Warfare.
2022 Midterms appear to have been Pre_Op/GO “Test” of the waters of public sentiment.

“Future proves past”
“Who will put an end to the endless?
Taking control”

And check this out. I mentioned that Q told us there would be a 53 – 47 vote. It happened in the senate battle, and it also happened again in the published stats for the Hobbs vs Lake battle in Arizona. What are the chances?

Amazing, isn’t it?

And consider this, while you’re at it, from Vincent Kennedy on Truth Social.

Do you all really think Biden will last another 2 years?
One thing left in the way.

Time for me to sign off. Let go of your own idea of how this liberation should go and know that we are in excellent hands. It will all work out for the best… in time.  ~ BP

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