Restored “Code Words” From President Trump… Nov. 16, 2022

Editor’s Note: Thanks to a reader (U!), we have a recording listing another way of hearing the “announcement” speech from President Trump .

What was he announcing? Certainly not another try for the Presidency! Yet, using this pathway allows President Trump to use the pathways understood, and used, by the dark…”they have to tell you”.

This post is the promised post list various “code phrases” used in President Trump’s announcement to seek Presidential status.

“The Plan” is working to free humanity from existing under the control of the dark where humanity is born to merely serve!

Control has been thorough through tying survival to production…for them! Please listen to the audio above, KNOW Quantum LOVE always wins, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!

10 thoughts on “Restored “Code Words” From President Trump… Nov. 16, 2022

  1. Thank you for summing up.. some of his speech I was right on with optics and you telling the rest made it click.. I’m ready as I ever be.. I’ve been with President Trump from the start and I will stand with him until the end… God Bless you


    1. I KNEW when YOUTUBE deleted it, the guy must be hovering over the target too much for Google’s comfort. I had to let others see what he was saying.


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