Are You Ready? U.S. Aborted Fetal Products-Updated July 2020 ~ Nov. 16, 2022


Editor’s Note: That to Starship Earth for this info!


A company based out of California, known as Senomyx, is in the business of using aborted embryonic cells to test fake flavoring chemicals, both savory and sweet, which are then added to things like soft drinks, candy and cookies. And Senomyx has admittedly partnered with a number of major food manufacturers to lace its cannibalistic additives into all sorts of factory foods scarfed down by millions of American consumers every single day.

Senomyx Information:

Used aborted fetal cell line HEK-293 to TESTartificial flavors currently used by:

Firmenich: FreezeStorm productsAjinomoto: (Spices and seasonings)

•Aji-No-Moto –Umani seasoning

•Hondashi –Flavor Seasoning

•Techno-A–Savory SeasoningNestles Products

•Allrefrigeratedcoffee creamers

•Maggi Brand instant soups, bouillon cubes, ketchups, sauces, seasoning, instant noodles

PLEASE NOTE: There ISNO aborted fetal materialIN any food products!The following companies canceled or amended their contracts with Senomyx with no products ever brought to market!

•Kraft -Cadbury Adams LLC 2011: Kraft canceled their contract

•Solae2011: Solae canceled their contract

•Campbell Soup 2011 Campbell canceled contract

•Pepsi Beverages Boycott ended 2012:

Forced Senomyx to not use any aborted fetal cells in PEPSICO research & development.Products that DO CONTAINAborted Fetal Cells, Components, Proteins, DNA:Neocutis Anti-Aging Skin Creams Contain cells from a 14 week gestation aborted male baby. Following is the list of the creams:

•Bio-Gel, Prevedem, Journee

•Bio-Serum, Lumiere

•Bio Restorative Skin Cream Products that DO CONTAIN aborted fetal material (continued):

Decouverte CosmeticsContains tropoelastinfrom embryonic stem cells! Vaccines and the Manufacturers:

•Adenovirus5,7(Barr Laboratories)

•MMR II: Rubella portion of Measles, Mumps, Rubella combo (Merck)

•ProQuad: MMR + Varicella(Merck)•Varivax: Varicella (Merck)

•Vaqta: Hepatitis-A (Merck)•Havrix: Hepatitis-A (GSK)•Twinrix: Hepatitis-A/B(GSK)

•Zostavax: Shingles (Merck)

•Imovax: Rabies(Sanofi Pasteur)

•Acambis 1000: Smallpox (Acambis)

•Some Covid-19 In DevelopmentOther medicines:

•rhFVIII, rhFVIX, Nuwiq: Hemophilia (Octapharma)

•G-CSF: White blood cell stimulant(Octapharma)

•Pulmozyme: Cystic Fibrosis (Genentech)

•Enbrel: Rheumatoid Arthritis (Amgen)•Abciximab/Repro (Eli Lilly)

•Aranesp, Procrit Darbepoetin alfaEpogen, Epoetin alfa(Amgen)

NOTE:Moral options exist for Rabies, Cystic Fibrosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Shinglesand Smallpox.Seethe complete US/CANADA list of vaccines and medicinesand any moral options at: ListOrigFormat.pdf

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