Stop Holding Back… – Nov. 15, 2023

It’s REALLY time we stop holding back.

Speak your truth and stop wondering if everybody else is feeling the same way or thinking the same thing.

This is fucking ridiculous, all the way around. It’s chaos.

Entropy is the probability that everything will devolve into chaos.

Entropy is the scientific term for Murphy’s law. Anything that can go wrong, will.

Do you see it NOW?

Do not confuse the impossible with the improbable.

We are at the precipice. How do we create order from chaos, restore beauty from destruction, do the improbable?

There is a subtle force the reverses the irreversible.


Tell ‘em. Let your body MOVE ENERGY.



There’s a deep cellular clearing happening and it’s deep and powerful. It’s ancestral. In my visions I see the grandmothers and their hands. “You are freeing us by daring to do it differently”. It’s our blood and bones and cosmic lineage. This feels like a homecoming… deep body morphing, clearing and healing. This is a time of sacred initiations that YOU have set up for this time. I can’t express how POWERFUL this energy is. Let it all go. Dare to be different.

Natoya Hall



These Ascension energies have been increasing today as we move forward heading over the next 12 hours.

Gaining momentum as we go!

We are experiencing many symptoms with these energies, but a few of the biggest are:

An upset stomach,

Head pain,

heart chakra activations,

back pain,


Jaw pain,

Neck pain,

Also, any nerve pain or old injury you may have could be elevated. 

That’s the thing with these particular Ascension Energies. They aren’t like with Solar Weather, they’re intensified.

My Angelic team says resting, water, and honoring your system will help you through these energies.

But you know your system better than anyone.

Listen to your nudges.

Everything you need is right inside of YOU!

Much love and light,

-SA Smith


Some facts from around the world you may have not heard in the news..


Syncronistic topic coming up today, about the climate change hoax.

It is a “man made problem” and not at all the truth…

WHAT IF, weather and climate was changed into extremes and manipulated into what is now, and it isn’t at all what it’s divine design is!

WHAT IF there isn’t supposed to be unlivable conditions, droughts and fires in dry hot areas, icey snowy frigid cold areas, where you can barely be outside..

WHAT IF, Garden Eden = planet Earth IS supposed to be way more balanced in climate, a cozy place, not to hot and not to cold, just right for us to BE…


Can you feel it?

Change is in the air

You might have felt exhausted the past few weeks

And at some moments felt hopeless, even depressed

You might have felt the heaviness in the air pressing literally on you, trying to push you down

Or at some moments you might have felt dizzy, like you were drunk or stoned or whatever

Or you might have been struggling with your self esteem

If you feel it…

you feel the experience of going trough a major energetic shift

I see it as if we are going through a birth canal

transcending into a new world

the birth of a new nation, a new world

take a deep breath and go inside

and know we’re almost there




2 thoughts on “Stop Holding Back… – Nov. 15, 2023

  1. In the immersion and fantasies which are in TRUTH the cosmic quote ever comes to mind, “Truth Is Indeed Stranger Than Fiction”, or in the vulgar patois of the day it is “Fuckingly Awsome”.


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