Whiplash Tonight – Nov. 13, 2022

Ok be ready for this. Bout to put it all together. A systematic destruction of the Old Guard.

A Changing of the Guard.

How everything QSI & we are teaching is about to all come together like 1 big Cosmic Puzzle

Illegal Spying on Citizens by the companies you trust most linked to Intelligence Agencies.

Think Microsoft, Google, Social Media, Phone Apps, Ericsson controlling Worldwide Comms for Agencies, FBI, 5Eyes etc.

Think Election Rigging >Soros, Lord Malloch Brown, Dominion, Smartmatic

English & Hessians using CCP. Soros is Targeted>Evergrande/3GD, Nile, Lake Sevan, Khakhova [All Major Dams]=Tether, BTC, ETH, USD, Default.

What do the French have?

Justice System> Crown, Rule 5.4 Bar Associations etc Reversal of Act Of England 1871

Now here we go Starlink, QFS, Quantum Blockchain Voting System etc, Stellar, Smart Contracts, Soroban, Aurora, Elon, Covid P.I, Apache, Ghidra, Log4j, Signal App. Tesla Quantum P.I phones.


Now they will release a Virus [APACHE, GHIDRA, LOG4J] to burn all of your Computer Programs, Phone Apps the whole lot rendering them useless.

Remember Cyber Attacks on Phone Companies & Blowing up of AT&T in Nashville Tennessee.

Enter Project Aurora, Quantum Tesla P.I phones for the whole planet. Stellar & Smart Contracts which have been slated to start Late November/Early December. Remember i showed Dogecoin & Many others will be the Voting coin/Tokens. Remember November 21 for ISO20022.

Aurora=Northern Lights

What happens when Geomagnetic Storms hit? It fires up the Northern Lights.

Awaiting Very Big Announcements.

Trump, Elon, “Stellar” or someone on the behalf of Stellar, V in Times Square etc.

Next post to follow up…


P.S Next Covid Variant is called P.I Tesla Quantum P.I phones & Internet Kill?

Read ColdWarPatriot twitter channel last couple days.






Eyes on Evergrande>Think Soros is Targeted Q drop. 11.3 King Charles/Dams & 11.6 Prince Andrew

Trump Major Announcement 11.15

Julian Dates.

11.3 >11.16 [7/11] [2 Major Evergrande Subsidaries Sinic & Sunac] Dams? Charles

11.4> 11.17 Unity Day>V in Times Square

11.5 >11.18 [9/11]

11.6 Andrew

11.7 > Qatar World Cup

2nd & Final

11.3 >11.21 [ISO20022] Dams?

11.4>11.22 (Nov 9 + 13) [JFK Assassination]

11.5> 11.23

11.6>11.24 [Thanksgiving]

11.7>11.25 [7/11] JFK Jnr 62nd Birthday Friday

11.27 [9/11]

11.28 [Evergrande in Liquidation Court]

On the Clock [2+8] & [1+1] Mirrored.

11.29 [11.11] 2 days ahead of Elon’s Quantum Tesla P.I Phones]

December 1[Smart Contracts>Protocol 20>Full Merging to Quantum Systems]

How many times has Q said Archive Everything offline?

Only Hard drives will remain.

So Download Signal>Military Satellite.

Download everything off the internet that you need.

All these new Stellar Websites won’t launch until new Quantum Internet is launched.







1865 US issues 1st gold certificates


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