Yes, I Am Different… Nov. 13, 2022

LAKA ~ The Breath

Beloved Friends Of Earth!

As Light Carries You Through All Journeys On Earth, Understand That Your Breath Carries The Light Of Your Being!

Many Humans Believe Their Body Is Simply Alive Because They Were Born. They Never Go Further!

In Truth, Your Soul Is The Light That Provides All Necessary To Sustain You On Each Journey!

Knowing That God Is Your Source Of Being, Your Higher Self And All Awareness In Consciousness, Let Us Look At The Breath! 

For You Received Your First Breath As A Gift To Begin Your Story. Your Waking Dream!

Your Breath Allows Oxygen And Carbon Dioxide Exchange. Your Breath Allows All Nutrients To Circulate And Allows Your Heart To Beat. In One Last Breath In Each Waking Dream, Your Beautiful Soul Remains Whole.

The Rise And Fall Of The Breath Of Life Determines The Pace At Which One Can Travel On One’s Journey.

There Is A Quickening That Occurs Quite Naturally When You Allow Your Breath To Guide You Into The Depths Of Your Very Being. Relaxing The Physical Senses, Relinquishing The Sense Of Conscious Direction, Being Simply Willing To Be In The Moment With All That Is, Brings Total Peace To Your Being. 

Relax Into The Momentum. There Is Nothing You Must Do! 

As You Focus On Your Heart Centered State, You Will Notice Little Difference In The In-Breath And The Out-Breath. Ultimately, There Will Be No Conscious Awareness Of The Breath At All. There Is A Connectedness To The Sense Of Self That Transcends The False Identity.

This Is Your Sacred Soul!

One Will Begin To Experience A Profound Sense Of Peace As You Realize Your True Self. 

You Are Your Soul!

In This State Of Being, Riding On The Rise And Fall Of The Breath, You Are Able To Transcend The Limitations Of Physical Form As Your Consciousness Expands. In This Place Of Meditation, You Are Able To Grasp The Enormity Of Your Being And The Light You Carry!

You Will Experience And Feel The Presence Of God-Source Within Your Body And In Your Surrounding Field.

Surrender To This Moment And Know That You Are Part Of The Divine!

You Are The Light!

Breathe Deeply!

Return To This Sacred Knowing Throughout Your Waking Dream, For This Is Your Power!

In Love We Rise As One!


I Love You So!



Yes, I’m Different #

I choose to love without having an agenda.

I choose to forgive when my ego cries out for revenge.

I choose to listen to my heart when it calls my name

I choose to trust even though others have let me down.

I choose to believe that everything happens for our good.

I choose to accept instead of judging others differences.

I choose to communicate instead of shutting down.

I choose to care instead of being comfortably numb.

I choose to laugh rather than take myself too seriously.

I choose to rise up under pressure instead of giving up.

I choose to be different….  

  ༺꧁ ❤️ ꧂༻

As I strengthen my bond with

    God’s Divine energy,

I have developed and focused,

   my sixth sense so that

I can bring an idea into reality.

     I have keen perception,

Intuitive reasoning , and spiritual vision

  I am open to inspiration and bliss,

         I am tuned into

  God’s  Divine wisdom…

Be a Light for those who live in Darkness,

Show them what it means to Love..

Let us all  Open our Heart’s to ℒove.

May every breath I breathe,

help relieve the suffering of the many.

May every step I take,

be on the path of truth.

May my eyes see myself

in all living beings.

May my heart do the work

that compassion demands.

May I feel every tear,

every hurt, every need.

May I touch with sacred hands.

May my body be a bridge,

and my spirit healing ointment.

May my words fall like rain

on the desert of need.

May I give without hesitation,

and without expectation.

May I grasp the hand that

needs help,

and let go of all else.

May my life be both prayer,

and the much needed answer.

May my identity be both lost

and found in all living beings!”

Your outer world is just a reflection of

what is happening in your inner world.

    ༺꧁ ❤️ ꧂༻

Copyright ©

Creator Writer Author ✍️

Mike Harrigan.

All Rights Reserved

I Am.

You Are.

We Are.


Universal Consciousness..



The collective Kundalini energy is currently seeking stability.

Many have recently unhinged the concreted layers that has kept humanity’s power dormant within the depths of the spine. The gates have been opened. And now the energy of kundalini is rising. Once it has evenly distributed through the cracks and crevices of the individual being, secreting from the pores to funnel out through the crown and take form as halo around the head – we step fully into a new reality and way of being. This facilites full embodiment of our inner God presence. But as this process occurs- the traumas and deep pains of the past wich were stored in the seat of the spine; rise up to surface to be cleared and alchemized. Because the kundalini is derived of feminine essence- the distortions of history have influenced the suppression and now, seemingly unstable release ~ of this life force. This is an intense process that is both emotional and liberating. Painful and pleasurable. Intense and yet, calming. Once the kundalini has risen and anchored into the being- we experience a sense of ultimate liberation from the physical and mental identity- setting the soul free. This also brings greater presence to the chacras; as extra sensory centers of perception and communication. Reconnecting us. An entire new reality appears beyond this phase and it is present for many already. Seek to find comfort in the mystery and satiation within the steps of evolution. The fire is rising . ~Heather Hoffman.

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