November 13, 2022; The End of an Era [videos]


The midterm election in America is laughable at this point with the bright red flag waving and the enemy pretending they’re doing everything by the books. I really don’t mind how long it takes to come to an accurate tally of the votes. I know who won. It was a red tsunami but the enemy is trying to water it down and cancel it. Treason. The consequences for treason? Up to and including Capital Punishment.

I trust the Plan, and know it will be handled in the best way possible for all concerned; for the best and highest good, as we say. The end justifies the means.

How dare these people screw up the election as bad as they did on Tuesday and then moderate vote releases to fit a narrative with media.

Truly. Never seen anything like this level of malevolence.


— Tyler Bowyer 🇺🇸 (@tylerbowyer) November 12, 2022

Before you get too attached to a specific outcome, Simon Parkes posted his thoughts on his blog:

A few days back I posted a number of what I called options in relation to possible midterms results.

Option 5 which many of you thought the best outcome for justice in the longer term, and I agree projected Republicans out in front.

But after a while Both houses would be captured by Democrats due to fraud!

This it is hoped brings the military in!!!

If Republicans do even reasonably well in the midterms, there is less imperative on the military to act.

Only by there being a clear fraud will they have to seriously consider the option of stepping in.

It’s not hard to hack the voting machines. This brief video shows us. You probably heard the password is ADMIN.

US Election Machines can Be Hacked in 2 Minutes, w/ No Special Tools or Skills Needed

Of course they know where the votes are and are letting Republican votes trickle out while they frantically post Democrat numbers to make it look like they exceeded and met the majority so no further counting is required. The Dimms won hands down, they want us to believe—and it’s not only in Arizona.

Dallas TEXAS Poll Pads Were CAUGHT Adding Hundreds of Voters in Real Time as the Polls Closed!

The workers can even be heard stating…

“They’re 100% trying to steal the election. There’s no other way. There’s no other way…“They’re feeding the ballots after hours.”

“It’s connected to the Internet…”
“It’s scary.”
“If this election isn’t contested I’m going to lose my mind”

“We’re all physically watching it be (inaudible)”

“It should be contested because they were already saying there wasn’t going to be any results tonight.”


Dallas has been in the news for unfortunate reasons this weekend. Regarding the video we shared of the P-63 King Cobra colliding with the B-17… need I say more? A snake takes a bite out of a plane with a 17 in its name at a military airshow… Qincidence?

BREAKING: Footage shows air collision of a B-17 bomber and smaller plane at Dallas airshow

— Insider Paper (@TheInsiderPaper) November 12, 2022

Here is a report from the blancolirio channel who I have sought out in the past when suspicious air incidents took place. He says it’s too hard to tell at this point why this happened but he will update when he knows more. Crash footage not included. 1 min. 41 sec.

Wings Over Dallas Mid-Air Collision 12 Nov. 2022

As Q told us, the Senate is the goal. This drop will be a delta on Nov. 20. They even knew it would work out to be 53 – 47. Incredible intel. Will it be relevant in 2022? We will soon find out because Grassley is back under the microscope these days.

Nov 20, 2018 10:00:31 PM EST
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 6e0a05 No. 3978509
Attacks on WHITAKER will only intensify.
3y, 11m, 3w, 1d, 20h, 2m ago

By holding their Senate control, even with a bare-minimum majority, Democrats have preserved their ability to confirm President Biden’s nominees and to stop Republican legislation in its tracks if the GOP wins the House.

— The New York Times (@nytimes) November 13, 2022

Trump’s Truth Social response…

Brazil is not accepting their stolen election. Neither should we.

— Ultra MAGA F Larson (@frlarson) November 13, 2022

I’ve been saying this since Jan 6! It is to underMind u.s.all through repetition that anyone standing for election integrity would be subjected to the U.N.Justice system run by self-appointed, election stealing New World Order perpeTraitors.

When People Lead, Leaders Follow.

— Cathy O’Brien (@RealCathyOBrien) November 13, 2022

Mexico seems to be conducting a purge of evil gangs responsible for the Human trafficking, drug and arms trafficking. Link to Telegram.

UPDATE: At least one store and thirty cars have been burned in Guanajuato, Mexico ( following the capture of Juan Rodolfo Yépez, alias “El Rudy,” leader of Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel (CSLR) and brother of former leader, Jose Antonio Yépez, alias “El Marro.”

Kash Patel on the state of America: It was an excellent discussion with Dave on the X22 Report. 40 min.

KASH PATEL on X22 Report

“Allowing government gangsters to continue to corrupt our system for personal political gain that is happening in modern day America. And that is the thing that we need to shut down. And the only way you end corruption is by putting it on full blast for the world to see.”

the ‘takedown’ begins with ALL AMERICANS realizing the danger we are in.

And there you have it—“full blast”. THAT is what is happening because ALL Americans need to see the truth. Once the truth about the stolen elections come out, they will have to face it.

This is the epitome of ironic. Denizens of Sweden did NOT suffer from Stockholm Syndrome due to the Wu Flu hoax. They needed a control group. Link to Telegram.

Which country avoided Stockholm Syndrome, did not follow lockdown mandates and wound up with the least “covid” deaths. You guessed it, Sweden.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) looked at excess mortality in 31 countries, including Sweden (and New Zealand, for that matter), during the Covid era.

It’s happening. The world is waking up and they’re not afraid to voice their opinions.


— NoRisk_NoReward (@noreward_norisk) November 13, 2022

As he mentioned… euthanasia. You know, if we tell everyone there are too many people to sustain life on Earth and that some of us have to go to save the rest, I bet a whole whack of them would volunteer to go. For the greater good.

I’m sure the virtuous and unselfish lefties would volunteer an early exit. They all suffer from mental illness. The Globe & Mail tells us choosing our exit is possible now.

Canada will soon allow medically assisted dying for mental illness. Has there been enough time to get it right?

This looks like a great book.

Derek Smith has his new @JustinTrudeau book out, and I’m in it! Amazon affiliate link here:

— Viva Frei (@thevivafrei) November 13, 2022

It’s nearly 5 bells so I’m going to leave it there. See you in the new week which will doubtless be another nail-biter.  ~ BP

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