Let’s Think About This…Oct. 29, 2022

Happy Friday Beautiful Cosmic Souls!

As we enter the satanic holiday weekend of Halloween, the tables have fully turned & the nightmares these sick people have casted on others for a very long time, are now living & trapped in their own creations.

When things turn bad & then even worst, going into way worst — all being shown publicly. Things like this happens when ‘bad actors’ are serving several different MASTERS — one Master may feel disrespected & send one of his ‘messengers’ over the house to relay a message, with a hammer — so there’s NO misunderstandings. 💥👀💥

Nancy Pelosi’s husband assaulted after break-in …


Nancy Pelosi gets KEKY greetings by BASED English Patriots


Nancy Pelosi is still being tracked by U.S. Marshalls


Pelosi Crime Family



A mazon’s company is having a Halloween bloodbath party! ❌☠️❌

Amazon Implodes More Than 20% After Missing on Revenues, Disappointing On AWS, Catastrophic Guidance


Meta always gotta be the biggest in everything — including blood-bathing!

Who’s gonna making memes on Jim Scammer crying?? 🤡🥵🤡

Single Greatest Wealth Loss In History: $100 Billion Zuck-Bucks Vaporized As Meta-Bet Bombs



Editor’s Note: In a conversation elsewhere, the “order” is for those who control…while “chaos” is for the masses. Ask your nearest Freemason for a more thorough explanation, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Order out of Chaos’ – this masonic motto tells us that everything that is happening today is happening on purpose – part of a set plan or agenda. This is why it does not need to ‘make sense’ as to the things that they are doing – which seem quite insane at times – because the sense lies in the ‘agenda’ which is to create disorder and chaos. In doing so they can step forward as the ‘saviours’ of the people – as they have done in the past. The Double-Headed Eagle shows their use of Sacred Symbols, in this case the ‘Universal Monarch’ that they have usurped. In toppling the ‘Crown’ their aim is to set it upon their own heads!


Editor’s Note: Life is not meant to be a “struggle”. We are gifted with free will through which we experience life! Each human possesses a spirit lifting the animal into the spiritual.

Consider these ideas when reading more below designed to reinforce your belief in “ something other” rather than your own Quantum Self, allowing you to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


1. Natural law, natural order in all things. Humans are animals and the Perennial Truths of nature apply to us as much as they do the rest of nature


2. We exist to further the Truth of Nature, to reach for the ideal, to tare down man-made material falsehoods which put comfort before Truth.


3. The divine can be found in the laws of nature, be your god Christian or something more ancient, to seek to follow them is reaching for a divine ideal, not a man-made ideal


4. Our struggle to follow the path of Truth is the Eternal Struggle, the heroic ideal, to be more than we are, to strive to become greater than we were born

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