Ana Maria Shekinah ~ Oct. 29, 2022



As lower vibrational timelines, that were keeping us in separation from our true self, are collapsing now …. So much is been shown to us at this moment.

Pay attention to what is been shown to you and trust what you see.

There are so many situations/ people, that were playing in your life… and you weren’t aware of how their energy was/is effecting your field. You may be shocked.

You are being shown that now… and the choice is yours whether you’re going to continue to let those timelines play in your field, or not.

Once the choice is made, they will collapse from your field….and you will have to release the emotional baggage…

Be aware… and allow those energies to purge out. Breath and invite pure Source love & light to infuse all of your being with immaculate love and light…and breathe those energies out. Allow them to leave your system… your being… your field. Your life!

In order for your frequency to rise higher and you to step on your higher timeline, you will be shown so much right now. Trust what you have been shown and allow everything to collapse!

It is for your highest good and the highest good of all!

We are light holders… we are changing the World… we are purging Worlds now and settling New Era… a new beautiful World that is made of love and pure pristine light … harmonious World full of beauty and magic…

And we need to allow all that is holding us back to purge out from our lives. From our blood, veins… cells!

Be grateful for what is showing up… and let it go!

Allow your cells to give birth to true you! Magical you! Divine you!

You that is LOVE and pure Source Divine essence! You that is God!

And don’t compromise that!

Just allow all that is not of genuine love to purge our beloved…. And you will rise higher in love … in your Divine signature where nothing else can touch you! Where you will meet your Divine family that ARE now co-creating that new web of pure Divine love with you!

Trust! Infuse yourself with light that you ARE… and be it! Own your light and never let it be taken from you anymore. Love your innocence… and allow your Majesty to rise!

It’s that time now.

And so it is!

Namaste 🙏💗🌹

Ana Maria Shekinah

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