Oneness through Rasha ~ Oct. 29, 2022



Editor’s Note: I Am grateful for the message below. A process is outlined for”BEing in the NOW…BEing present. Trees exist NOW, drinking in all around them (even the negative “stuff”, yet…only releasing that which is good.

Likewise, as we release adversity from our internal selves…we, also will only emit our true positive selves, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


On experiencing adversity …

“Releasing the need to appear in control in one’s own eyes and in the eyes of others is key to one’s ability to progress through this stage of the transformation process. For there is no room for judgment here.

Your own expectations with regard to your performance can severely restrict the pace at which you are able to progress through this phase and move on. An experience of adversity or a surge of intense emotion should not be cause for drawing the conclusion that one is off track.

Allowing the energy to pass through one’s field, and permitting the manifestations that are triggered to be unimpeded, accelerates the process of release. Attachment to the expectation of an enlightened response from oneself to all circumstances restricts the possibility that a release of a negative energy charge may be achieved.

When one constricts one’s natural response mechanism by filtering one’s emotional reactions with the mind, one inhibits the potential benefits in the releasing of energy charges still lingering around certain life issues.

Permitting oneself the latitude to respond with authenticity serves to enhance one’s ability to bring those issues to completion. Timing one’s responses to these highly charged emotional triggers enables one to direct the release without restricting it, and thereby bring to fruition the highest possible outcome.

Similarly, the tendency to avoid certain situations and individuals as a way of circumventing conflict does not automatically guarantee one’s unimpeded vibrational ascent.

Ultimately, one’s “buttons” must be pushed and the corresponding energy charge released, if one is to realize one’s highest potential as a transcendent being in physical form. An energy charge that is allowed to remain will continue to draw to it repeated opportunities for release. Avoidance of the underlying issues and the maintenance of a calm veneer does not enhance one’s progress. Quite the contrary.”


Excerpt From the book “Oneness” by Rasha ch. 10

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