September 28, 2022: The World is Changing for the Better But We’re Feeling the Pain [videos] ~ Sept. 28, 2022


If you’re not excited about the information coming out now, you must not be looking in the right places. It’s a helluva Hump Day. We have confirmation every day of many positive operations underway to drain the swamp and liberate the planet. This is a very long post; you’ll see the reason at the bottom.

In defiance of the globalist controllers, Humanity has found the courage to take the reins and create the world they want. In many cases, it’s the women who are stepping up, isn’t it?

Despite the outright threats from the New World Order, Italy blasted through the fear and elected a woman named Georgia Meloni for their new Prime Minister who may be a force to be reckoned with if her speech below is authentic. Take two minutes and read the English subtitles to this emphatic rejection of the repulsive plans we can see the dark are pushing hard to bring to fruition for all of us. Viva Italia! We remain a little skeptical as always but hope her intent will bear out and bring abundance and happiness to Italy.

This is Giorgia Meloni. Italy’s new Prime Minister.

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) September 26, 2022

Ms Meloni has proposed establishing a naval blockade of Italy’s shores to deter boatloads of migrants and refugees arriving from North Africa, is an admirer of Hungary’s Viktor Orban and believes that white Christian civilisation is under threat

— Tess Summers 🇬🇧🇮🇪 (@tesssummers98) September 26, 2022

However, she also responded thusly [below] to Zelensky’s congratulatory note, we’re told. Don’t panic. Just a reminder that this is a movie with great actors; a stellar chess match with moves and counter-moves, and the Patriots are in control. Nothing is what it seems. Relax and enjoy the show, Q told us. I have no doubts about The Plan. It’s fascinating to watch it unfold.

Ukraine can count on Italy, Meloni says

Also just recently, we have a new leader in the United Kingdom, a female, who may not outwardly be the warrior that Georgia Meloni appears to be, but Liz Truss has given subtle signals that she is going to play ball with us. She has already mentioned “pizza” so we’ll see how it rolls out. Why would she mention something the satanic pedophiles never want to talk about?

Since we’re on the topic of Pizzagate, allow me to interject with this story I happened upon yesterday before we continue the thread. This is how badly they want to quash the ugly truth about Pedophiles, Pedovores, Adrenochrome, etc.

This was shared on Telegram by a hidden user via Agent A1 about a school curriculum in the province of New Brunswick, Canada. Link to Telegram.

ATTENTION HMQR!!! I just got off the phone with a concerned parent. Her daughter just texted her from school. There is a new mandatory Civics course being taught in all the high schools in NB. It is supposed to teach the students about being a Canadian citizen but instead it is teaching about how Pizzagate, pedophile rings and eating babies are all conspiracy theories.

She called the teacher after getting the text from her daughter and told him to remove her daughter from the class. We are informing as many parents as possible via social media. Please help us get the word out.

Maybe you wish to pass that on.

Getting back to the strong women marching into the fray, let’s not forget that here in America we have Kristi Noem as Governor of South Dakota who has opposed the deep state, we have the Liz Cheney replacement in Wyoming, Harriet Hageman, who has delivered fearless words that easily got her elected, Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers has been doing a great job here in Arizona, we have Kari Lake running for Arizona governor and it’s clear the People are behind her as a Trump supporter as well, so things are turning around and we will see what happens in other countries.

Tore Maras is on the ballot and I hope will get enough support to get elected in Ohio. She will be a rock-solid asset for the White Hats because she has so much background knowledge of what has been going on within the deep state in America and a lot of courage. I have shared many of her Telegrams and you can follow her channel here.

Marine LePen seemed to have a lot of support in France but that’s going to be a tough one as puppet Macron was installed by the globalists for another five years. LePen is doing well as the leader of her party however, and perhaps we haven’t heard the last of her.

In Iran, the deep state has arrested the activist daughter of the former president and many people have been killed. This is a good article that speaks to the volatile situation there.

Iran: 12th night of protests, ex-president Rafsanjani’s daughter arrested

We’re going to need a very strong Republican showing in a few weeks. The mafia in Arizona just appointed their chosen ones who will decide what is misinformation, disinformation, and lies in the upcoming election. It’s the “Elections Command Center”. They hope to steal another one. Link to Telegram.

How cute – Maricopa County created their own Ministry of Truth for November’s election

True: “So basically Maricopa county wants to pick and choose which reporters they want covering our elections. This isn’t concerning at all. 🚩” – John in Phx (

Positive news is out there, however.

And it’s getting bigger. RAGA has now purchased more than $1m today for @AbrahamHamadeh.

DAGA pulling out for @krismayes.

Abe is crushing her.

— Richard Grenell (@RichardGrenell) September 27, 2022

They are going to need that cash because according to Fox News, the demonrats’ former astronaut Mark Kelly just received a massive injection of cash to his campaign. Hopefully Arizonans know all about the deep state’s Mark Kelly and his twin brother. It seems that most Americans vote for the Republicans Trump endorses, or they vote red, as opposed to blue.

Hungary’s Viktor Orbán in his fourth consecutive term as Prime Minister lays it out plainly. This is our fight for our civilization, the world we deserve, and we have to step up, away from fear, and execute the strategies that will remove the psychopaths from power. Link to Telegram for the 3 min. video.

Winning the war means voting, folks. Full force voting from all awakened Americans. No excuses. It’s time to come to the aid of your country. The dark may cheat and use any number of ways to take votes away from the good People of the United States but it’s not an insurmountable obstacle. They can tweak small numbers, but they can’t fix a gigantic, red tsunami if all Americans vote. The People must engage and do their part for the evil controllers to be exposed and taken to task. The White Hats need to see the evidence that the People are ready to take control.

That will enable the Earth Alliance to use their as yet unannounced strategies to get this ship afloat and get it sailing in the right direction again. Trump said back in 2016 they were going to give the power back to the People. First, the People have to show their willingness and drive to handle that control effectively.

The globalists claim that Humans want to be controlled and told what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and are perfectly happy being “kept” like barnyard animals and eating bugs. No offense to barnyard animals. We love them. I think on the scale, the “power elite” actually consider us less than animals. Animal husbandry is big on this planet some off-worlders refer to as “the farm”.

Here’s another example of election fraud from the substack article by Kanekoa the Great.

Texas Democrats Paid Homeless Man to Falsify Ballots: Police Body Camera Footage

“Each time I get someone to sign they gave me $200… One day I got like $1200… I did it for like six months… Deborah [Peoples] gave me cash… Stuart [Clegg] gave me cash.”

As you have doubtless heard by now, the latest childish attack from the New World Order is the Nordstream pipeline “leak” the Danish PM says was sabotage… probably Russia, right?

Please could someone explain why Russia would attack its own gas pipeline that it had already shut off?

Surely it would be those who wouldn’t want it turned back on that would attack it eg the USA?

Or would that be a ‘conspiracy theory?’

— UNN (@UnityNewsNet) September 27, 2022

For perspective, Good Dog put this bit out: Link to Telegram.

[put this in your pipe and smock it [sic – get it??] ]

let me use little words for you – this was written in 2015 – before there ever was a Trump Presidency – and even as you were putting together your wrap up smear team to frame Trump – remember the set up for Operation Cross-Fire Hurricane – and the meetings that happened the September before? kek. so do we.

Explosive-Laden Drone Found Near Nord Stream Pipeline
Nov 13, 2015 – 11:41

Ruling out sabotage, the Swedish military has successfully cleared a remote operated vehicle (drone) rigged with explosives found near Line 2 of the Nord Stream Natural Gas offshore pipeline system.

The vehicle was discovered during a routine survey operation as part of the annual integrity assessment of the Nord Stream pipeline. Since it was within the Swedish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) approximately 120 km away from the island of Gotland, the Swedes called on their armed forces to remove and ultimately disarm the object.

“We don’t consider it to be dangerous to merchant vessels or the pipeline at this point,” Jesper Stolpe, Swedish Armed Forces spokesman, told Radio Sweden. According to Stolpe, the cable used to control the drone and to set off the explosive was cut off, so at the moment the vehicle is relatively harmless.

The national identity of the drone has not been verified so far, as many countries use Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) of a similar construction, Stolpe said

The thing is, with all the attacks on energy supplies and the high prices of gas, oil, electricity… in the end it will all be moot because the Tesla energy grid will be fired up and Humanity is going to jump for joy when they learn that free energy is a reality. The Starlink system will ensure everyone who wants to be connected IS connected to communications and we’ll have Quantum phones—unhackable and untrackable—and Quantum financial… a whole new world worth waiting for.

Starlink communications system

This just came in about Germany with another nudge to ‘PREPARE’ from Q the Storm Rider. Link to Telegram.

I have been Dropping MAJOR DROPS on GERMANY COLLAPSING< the past months and the past weeks i have been echoing to keep eyes on [GERMANY]

This RIPPLE effect is already happening as hundreds of thousands of corporations are scrambling for gas/oil for he next week’s demand that supplies 84,000,000,. Million people and Millions of business’s, schools, supplies and delivery for food. Good service……/////

Like I said EU is inside a COLLAPSE and Germany would be first.. Then FRANCE…. Then Netherland… Then Belgium… The ripple effect….

The CIA control Center at CERN
had a huge part in helping the VATICAN retrieve money through Europe before the PLANNED Nord Stream pipelines explosions

Buckle up [GERMANY]
As fast as you can…. Get your food and supplies!!!!!!….

The other day we shared intel about the cleaning out of CNN which stated that when the time came, CNN was going to be reporting accurately, particularly with respect to the election results. Here’s more evidence of the purge going on in that despised network.

Two More CNN Employees Depart The Network

And there’s this. Just horrific. It’s hard to believe nothing can be done about this gross miscarriage of justice. This is the state of our prisons in America. Zero justice, and torture of innocent prisoners on top of it. Hard to believe it’s America, isn’t it? Land of the free, home of the brave? Hopefully more brave ones will wake up soon.

BREAKING REPORT: Jan. 6 Prisoner Ryan Samsel Purportedly BEATEN TIL HE LOST AN EYE – Tied to Chair for 12 Hours…

— Chuck Callesto (@ChuckCallesto) September 27, 2022

Yes, it’s election time in America again. Oh, joy. The whole world has to feel the pain. Life almost stops while America holds its elections where Canada also gets to enjoy preempting of television shows, too many media-glorified political “discussion” panels, massive brainwashing and spewing of propaganda. It’s no wonder they don’t know the good guys from the bad.

The problem we have state-side now is, the 2020 election was stolen and the whole world knows it, yet life goes on and the media pretends that thing in the oval office got 81 million votes.

SOMETHING has to happen this fall, folks. It has to—because the People’s mandate was that Trump won the 2020 election by a landslide and the deep state’s finely tuned election stealing system along with a bunch of mind-controlled democrat voters have seen to it that the truth is dangerous and hardly anyone dares suggest the Democrats engaged in any illicit activity because they fear the repercussions.

We know what the psychopaths do to their political enemies. The burgeoning Clinton body bag has still not been revealed to the American people. The White Hats MUST have an ace or two up their sleeve, or…

Abbott should have done this a long time ago.

🇺🇸𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓭🇺🇸𝓗𝓪𝓻𝓻𝓲𝓼𝓸𝓷🇺🇸 (@Texas_jeep__guy) September 27, 2022

“Three of the six processing and distribution centers (P&DCs) it reviewed did not properly comply with USPS policies to stage Election Mail.”

“All three of the non-compliant centers were in critical swing states.”

— Jeff Carlson (@themarketswork) September 28, 2022

In this planetary war the resources are shared and the White Hats are currently active in many places. We understand they are not only managing the situation in the USA but also in Canada, as we have discussed previously as a result of the clever USMCA agreement.

This interesting post came up on Queen Romana’s channel, whom I assume posted it for a reason. She often posts questions as statements for the critical thinkers.

…Was the privy council of Canada arrested on Friday there was up to a 100 vehicles black SUVs and military vehicles and there was sheriff’s from the USA.

Agent A1 also mentioned the arrest of Bill Blair, former chief of police in Toronto and current Privy Council president who seems to have exited for  so-called surgery. That’s the story, anyway. Perhaps he had to have a tracking device implant.

Our diligent crew brings us the updates on the potential picture on our planet in a few weeks. We are expecting the long promised “October surprise” and take it all under advisement and prepare. September was declared Preparedness Month years ago by President Trump. I think enough people in the alternative news have urged everyone to plan ahead for anything and be ready for anything. There is a war going on and it’s up to us to be self-sufficient and protect ourselves and our families.

We heard that there were excavations going on at the parliament buildings in Ottawa recently. We’re not sure if it was about tunnels or… This episode of Linda Paris’s update includes dialogue with Norm Traversy and Guy Brummell, two feisty Canadian patriots. Watch the video at the link. 1 hr.

New McAllisterTV: Canada Update! Giant 100 ft Pit in Front of Parliamant! Ongoing Report! Armored Bulletproof Vehicles!

It certainly sounds like the Patriots are expecting riots in some places, at least. Our boots on the ground in Germany have confirmed that they are expecting military on the streets effective October 1 in Deutschland.

I did hear reports that blue UN helmets were seen in London, UK and the following news summary makes mention of that near the beginning. We also heard some time ago that the White Hats have taken over all the UN hardware. It only makes sense.

Situation Update: UN Storm Troopers Takeover London! CCP Double Coup! XI Double On House Arrest! Iodine Tablets Distributed In Poland! Russian Military Build-up! FBI Corruption Runs Deep! – We The People News

We don’t know what will happen or where, but it’s prudent to have at least two weeks of food, water, meds, daily essentials, pet supplies, batteries, candles, fuel, generators maybe, and cash on hand. If we need to shelter in place we can draw on those supplies. If the power is out, we will have light and heat and can purchase essentials if cash machines are down and banks closed. Remember to check in on the elderly, incapacitated, and less fortunate.

There is a lot going on we can’t be warned about specifically so across the board, just be ready. If you are in an area where storms are typically a problem, you might want to relocate for a week or so until things settle down. If you are in an area where fires could demand evacuations, you will want a bug out bag ready to grab and a plan to meet up with family at a designated safe spot. Logical thinking.

What we DO know is, if the military are dispatched to keep the peace or make arrests or whatever is going to happen, we are not to engage. If we get and EAS/EBS saying to stay home and shelter in place until further notice, it’s not hard to follow that directive. We need to stay out of the way for our safety and for the safety of the military. Everything possible will be done to keep civilians safe.

Ron DeSantis in Florida is prepared. Looks like Fiona wasn’t much of a threat but Ian… Ian is packing a wallop. Video below.

.@CNN losers & hateful Democrats continue to attack our Governor as a Category 4 hurricane is bearing down our coast.

Voters will remember those that united regardless of party affiliation to protect our lives.

This Floridian is thankful for @GovRonDeSantis leadership.

— CeCe ✞🇺🇸 🌴 (@Ohio_buckeye_us) September 28, 2022

WATCH 🚨 Cars are floating down the streets in Naples as Hurricane Ian hammers Florida

— Insider Paper (@TheInsiderPaper) September 28, 2022

I wonder if the fire fighters trained for this.

Video from Facebook Live of a flooded Naples Fire Station. Thinking of all the first responders working through #HurricaneIan to keep their communities safe. @CBSMiami

— Lauren Pastrana CBS 4 (@LaurenPastrana) September 28, 2022

I saw Telegrams saying tornadoes were seen in Southwest Florida. We’ve got this. As DeSantis also said, we can always repair the damage and replace infrastructure, building, etc. It’s the Human lives that matter.

Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island in red

The situation in Nova Scotia, Canada and Prince Edward Island aren’t great after the remains of Fiona roared through and the power is still not restored. So sorry, folks. You would think they would be better prepared after the last tropical storm hit following the US hurricane. This is why we tell everyone to prepare for anything. We don’t even know if the power outages were planned or if it’s because of White Hat Operations. Hang in there.

Fiona fallout: Nova Scotia premier blasts cellphone companies’ lack of co-operation

The sensational acts in the theatre of the absurd we are now witnessing may not be plausible to future generations, so farcical are they. Now a group has taken out a newspaper ad to mock the moronic residents of Martha’s Vineyard. A state of emergency. Give me a break.

The mockery was triggered after the island’s residents swiftly removed the migrants flown there on September 14. After just one night on the island, the migrants were bused out to the military’s Joint Base Cape Cod in Massachusetts, after the state’s governor, Charlie Baker (R) declared an emergency and deployed the national guard.

Read It: Newspaper Ad Trolls Martha’s Vineyard Residents Who Sent Migrants Packing (

While we wait the 6 weeks or so until November 8 when all hell might break loose in the United States of [or for] America, we continue to delve into the colourful rumours and headlines in the alternative news. The crew found this highly credible Chinese reporter who brings us vetted news and her perspective on the oddities arising out of China recently; particularly the news of the alleged house arrest of Xi Jinping—and some other remarkable headlines.

Of course some sources say its strictly a rumour, but we know there has to be something to it. I wish we had discovered Jennifer Zeng long ago but take a listen to her interesting update about the Xi Jinping arrest reports and the investigations she has done with various sources to either validate or dismiss the story. It’s very interesting. I know what I think, but you decide. 26 min.

Is Xi Jinping Under Arrest After Military Coup? Three Senior Anti-Xi Officials Sentenced to Death

Canada is still deeply embroiled in the struggle for sovereignty and to wake the flock. In this town hall meeting in Vancouver, Canada about how to reduce the crime and improve Chinatown, one insistent man snaps and tells the administration what he thinks about their activities and shortcomings in other parts of the city. I don’t see this on Twitter or in the news so you can only see it on Telegram at the moment. Link to Telegram.

Note the name of the venue: Choi Hall of Decorum and Harmony, and the Chinese characters on the wall. It’s no accident that thirty years ago they dubbed the city “Hongcouver”. Canada was infiltrated by the Chinese Communist Party who came in and bought up land and businesses.

The main street of the once quaint town of Banff, Alberta is unrecognizable now from the early 1990’s. Last time I was there I was shocked and disappointed because it reminded me of Chinatown in Toronto rather than the European/craftsman-style ski village it once was. Canada has opened its arms to many ethnic groups and in so doing, lost its own identity and customs.

That is just one of the unfortunate offshoots of being asleep at the wheel and allowing outsiders to run your government unchecked for decades. We have a lot of damage to undo on this planet.

However, it looks like we have some positive momentum in Canada—finally. Where did this come from? Arrests, peut-etre? This is BIG for the Great White Gulag, n’est-ce pas?

Border vaccine rules, mandatory use of ArriveCAN, mask mandates on planes and trains to end on Oct. 1

I believe most of our readers understand, and possibly withhold judgement on the way this planetary liberation is being handled. We cannot possibly know all there is to know about even the crimes committed, never mind the intricacies of The Plan and the true history and origin of some of the souls involved.

In that light, we share this in-depth article about the mRNA “vaccines”, Operation: Warp Speed, and Trump’s Executive Order, which I don’t recall hearing about before but possibly forgot. I hope everyone will read to the end, look at the evidence, suspend judgement, and wait for the grand finale of this epic chess match—whenever that may be.

We have been presented with ample proof that good guys are in control and in my opinion, we should be expressing our deep gratitude rather than criticizing the strategies and tactics of the Earth Alliance. This war is far more complicated than any of us can know. We don’t even understand the nature of reality in this realm.

In a war there are always casualties, even when every attempt is made to protect the innocent. Were it not for these brilliant and courageous people and their sacrifices, we might already be in “re-education camps” or executed and the spark of Humanity would be permanently extinguished. Let’s not forget that.

Why Did President Trump Sign An Executive Order Fast Tracking mRNA Vaccines…6 Months Before The Pandemic Started?

We can’t say it enough: please share. With Hallowe’en a few weeks away we need to make sure everyone is apprised. Parents—do not buy Skittles or Nerds that may be included in bulk candy like at Walmart and please check your kids’ candy before they eat it. Anything could be poisoned. We don’t want anyone to have to live in fear but we do want children to live.

New Scary-Sour Skittles To Hit Shelves For Halloween

Former DEA Official Warns Parents After Fentanyl Found Disguised in Candy Packaging

This was meant to be yesterday’s post but your not-so-trustworthy war correspondent neglected to push the “publish” button so I added to it. A lot going on my little mind, so that is all for today. Thank you to the crew for the giggles and all the fascinating drops in the comments. Good stuff.

Love you guys, stay safe everyone.  ~ BP

One thought on “September 28, 2022: The World is Changing for the Better But We’re Feeling the Pain [videos] ~ Sept. 28, 2022

  1. I think you need to make it very very clear to your WH friends.
    The line are very very clear to everyone except THEM!!!
    Grow a fucking pair and get it done now.
    You have put on a very bad production and it embarrassing to all humans AWAKE OR NOT!!!!
    You want to know pain???
    How about being remembered as the pussyfooting cowards that put the world through all of this instead of dealing with like responsible beings.
    This goes for all involved.
    The Universe is watching IN HORROR
    IT IS NOT.
    The lines have been drawn and everyone knows who is who.
    It is time for “JUDGEMENT”
    Everyone has been beyond ready for a very very longtime.
    There is no more time for games…..


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