Nikool McIndoe ~ Sept. 22, 2022


Bridging New Worlds

Earth’s original blueprint was that of the 5th dimensional consciousness template. It was overlayed with the projected controlling, manipulating 3D template.

Humans were trapped within the 3D template and couldn’t rise, as their light was not strong enough.

Volunteers were called in to condense their higher vibrational energetic selves into lower vibrational density…bodies…and anchor the light coming in from Source and the Great Central Sun…and in holding this higher vibrational light within our bodies and transmuting all the negative dense 3D template energies, we outshone and destroyed the 3D overlay. We revealed it to be false, and thus the illusion is no more.

Love and light have overpowered all else.

And so it is done. Everything will now begin to align with the 5D higher consciousness New Earth template. And all lower density energies will no longer be able to exist.

Sayonara. Adios. Ciao. Shut the door and let it hit you on the way out. Thanks for coming. Now scram!

Onwards and upwards beautiful soul family.

Peace x

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