Camilla Ma Ra Åkerström ~ Sept. 22, 2022


Higher Light

Beloved Ones,

We are not only releasing old timelines, but also time constructs through the infinite new kryst field that is here 🤍

There is a new organic timeline anchored in this NOW – that are available for all of us. We can actually start seeing it. Planet Earth is now shifting into its NEW 5D Positive Dimension.

I am asking you all to hold the highest potential in every moment as your divine intention, as there is also an attempt to re-set the old negative timeline. Be aware of your thoughts and actions and careful what timeline you focus your holographic reality into.

Today is a day to hold focus on all new, stay in the heart, transmit your heart vibrations, be in nature and project the new reality.

It is a true blessing of being here together in these magnificent times of higher frequencies.

In Love


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