Carolyn 144 GODCODE ~ Sept. 22, 2022


White Dragon Rider

The Equinox energies are aligning you to have a new life in the New Earth paradigm, free of the karmic debris of the past. Growth into unconditional love is expanding as the heartbreak of the past completely transmutes. The love frequency is raising you up and out of transitioning from old earth, so you can continue finding your footing in New Earth.

You are evolving into much higher standards than ever before. Cut out what you know is unhealthy. Break these patterns today so you can continue launching forward. Let others learn their lessons on how to treat you better. Doing so will attract new healthier sincere and loving relationships.

Understand that many people are not prepared or ready to have this like you are. Let them go with love. Nurture your growth into the new lifestyle and Family template the Most High is preparing for us. We are ready to evolve, restore, and recover this original divine blueprint of relationships that are re-entering in the unification field.

It’s time to move on and discover this, yourself, and who you are truly meant to be Beloveds. The heart healing, DNA purification, and timeline shifts are ending. We are in a recovery period which is bringing many changes. Reflect on yourself and your evolution. Refocus your thoughts and intentions towards the Beloved self you are.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you Love Carolyn


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