Vastness of Being: The Bridge – August 27, 2022

Editor’s Note: I really like this article, and how it flows. So please read and understand the promise it delivers to humanity, and then behold and BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Tuning in to the Vastness of Being and the Wisdom of Source.

Wisdom of Source is coming through – stepping up the communication at this time. Feel your energy flowing out from you tapping into timelines – they are like threads of light – there is one that is prominent. Journey forward with your heart…

I see high winds, fires, floods… climate issues – bringing Humanity to its knees. Dark night of the human soul. I also see awakening blossoming like flowers of light within people. Our awareness is expanding into knowing and experiencing all life as sacred. A true experience of sacredness. There is joy amidst the chaos, for people are opening to experience their connection to all of life and to each other.


I have been contemplating the issue of “dark energy” and how some people seem to be aligned with dark energy. They run it through their energy fields, and they want to control all people by keeping the old patriarchal energetic prison structure in place around Human Beings, keeping fear alive and love and creativity suppressed, limiting creative thought and expression. They decide what is “good” and “bad”.

The energetics are the same energies that have been doing this for thousands of years. Maybe it doesn’t matter where it comes from but still, I am so curious about the beginnings of this energetic stream. I understand that there is light and dark in this duality we live within and we can’t have one without the other. If all was light, we would be blinded, if all was dark, we would also be blind. But there’s more to it than that. What is it that humanity needs to learn in order to stop this suicidal trajectory of fear and cruelty? Is there a different path, a different timeline we can begin to move towards? I hear people talk about “jumping timelines” and I’m not sure how that is done, but it seems to me that we can create a tributary of light that flows off this path to another, more harmonious path that people could follow energetically. Perhaps we are doing this now, perhaps we are creating a bridge to a different timeline that allows for diversity and creative cooperation. Is that what is happening?


Wisdom of Source: Some are jumping – those who have that ability and a certain amount of impatience, which helps them to make the jump. They are not so tethered to the structure of control, they do not limit themselves through attachment to other people’s thought patterns. They are able to make the leap and in doing so create a path of light. They send streams of energy back through ideas, music, creative expression and then there are those who catch those streams and anchor them into the “old” timeline and begin to build the bridge that connects the tributary you mention to the path of light which flows into the “new” timeline. This requires personal scrutiny of one’s participation in running the dark or dense energy, which is of the old timeline, by becoming aware of when the old paradigm is activated. This activation comes from religious, collective society and family – including ancestral – programming. When one disengages from the programming and brings in more self-love, self-acceptance, and forgiveness, one finds the bridging energies that carries one to the new stream. This begins with a feeling that something isn’t right – a realization that all you thought was true is really part of a structure designed to limit and imprison your consciousness. When one begins to question beliefs, the light begins to shine within. When one entertains new ideas that are aligned with love and compassion, the light grows. It is like water as it seeps into cracks in a rock – eventually it will split that rock open. That is the process of awakening awareness and allowing the light to come in. This initiates the release of false beliefs and cracks appear in the structure, breaking down the prison bars that are around your etheric body.


We are made of energy. Everything is energy. We are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. There is a non-physical energetic structure that affects us, has imprisoned us and placed limitations on us. There is a consciousness in this structure which is an energetic frequency that ultimately wants to control and suppress the creative flow of love energy. This creativity is an inherent part of being a Human Being. It is the suppression of creativity that has caused Humanity to become twisted. This structure cannot destroy the creative energy, but it can manipulate it through fear – so that people are afraid of the creative nature of their being and so they suppress their own freedom. They suppress their intuition, not trusting their own inner knowing. This structure was put in place hundreds of years ago. There was a time when the church deemed it evil for people to play musical instruments and gather to sing and dance, to think freely and create because they thought the devil existed in creative flow. They thought the devil was the divine feminine expression of creativity and love. That suppressive energy still runs in this energetic matrix, and we see it playing out in modern society as books are being banned and education being limited to promote certain beliefs, and as women’s bodies are still regulated by the patriarchy. But the Divine Feminine is here to stay and as the energy of love grows and expands, like water, it breaks apart and dissolves the dark frequency of the structure, turning it into vapor that dissipates like smoke on the wind. We can use the essential elements of earth, air, water and fire to work with the dissolving of this structure of patterns and false beliefs that come to the surface in our lives. Connecting to nature, is connecting to the Divine Feminine. Know, too, that this structure has been dissolving around people for years and what we are seeing playing out is the last throes of the patriarchy trying to maintain control.  But it is over.


Recently, while doing Qi Gong, a memory from long ago came to the surface of my awareness. It had to do with a feeling one of my parents felt within themselves that I absorbed into my being. The memory showed me that, through empathy, I had integrated this feeling and frequency into my being, and it became something so familiar that I didn’t even realize it was there. It was the energy of unworthiness and not good enough that I felt in me like a sticky, viscous substance. When this memory came up, I felt the vibrational frequency like a shroud over my energy field. It was no longer reaching tentacles into my body and being, so I was able to visualize and feel myself lifting it out of my field and dissipating it into the light of love and forgiveness. Then I briefly focused my attention through the ancestral line and called for this energy to be lifted from all my ancestors who carried this wound.

Children absorb everything from their environment. They absorb the energy of their parents – and ancestors – while in the womb. This is what has perpetuated discord in humanity. Lifting that energy from your ancestral line will help on a greater scale – will help lift this energy from the human energy stream. If human beings were collectively vibrating in the frequency of love and acceptance for the self, the world would be very different. This is the evolutionary trajectory you are all on. Each person has a part to play – has an energy to add and intermingle with the whole. On a personal level, letting go of what is not your truth and breathing and expanding into your own personal wholeness, resonating with your unique energy signature, helps to lift others, through resonance, bringing a truer, freeing, loving quality to the frequency of Humanity’s resonance. This is how humans are changing with the evolutionary path of Earth, the Solar System, the Galaxy, the Universe. All are related. Those who are able to affect this change create an energy and “hold space”, as it were, for those who are just beginning to open their awareness to their true nature. This is the bridge, the liminal in between space. This is the light that flows across the bridge and beacons to those who are feeling the stirring of unrest, discomfort in living with what has been. The stirring of discomfort is awakening people to question what they have believed and experienced, to go deep within to find their soul essence and begin to live from that place of authenticity.

When this awakening happens, you also begin to tap into other lifetimes your soul expresses awareness in. You may dream of scenarios that feel like memories and you may have bleed through moments of memories from what feels like a future or a past timeline. You may also experience insights into parallel realities that your soul is aware in, just like you are aware of yourself in this particular timeline. The expansion is occurring in all timelines and parallel realities.


Sometimes, we come to a place of stillness where it feels like we’re “stuck” like nothing is happening and there is no movement. Trying too hard is a form of resistance to what is. We need to know we are not actually stuck, we are integrating energies – it’s like being in a lock in a canal, waiting for the water to rise so we can then move forward. Fallow periods are a time to rest and ground into our lives, connecting with nature, doing the tasks we need to do to take care of our bodies, our homes, the people in our lives. After all, we are beginning to expand our awareness into other timelines and parallel realities and that is a lot to integrate. Let us be patient with ourselves and allow ourselves to be still, to do nothing. In these moments we are profoundly loving ourselves.

We are in a liminal space – the place between – we have left what once was and we have not yet arrived to the new energetic we are creating – some call it the New Earth. I have experienced very uncomfortable moments where my environment looks familiar but feels unfamiliar, almost as if I’m not really here, or anywhere. Being in nature, breathing deeply and connecting with trees, rocks or water is so helpful in moments when I feel disconnected. Also, bringing my awareness to the Source within me helps me to be in a neutral, embodied state of being.

It may seem difficult, in light of all the tumultuous changes we are seeing and experiencing in the world, to focus on inner stillness, but that is the place from which we gather strength to move forward. Within all the chaos and turbulence, it is important and helpful to feel the astonishing amazingness of the life we are in on this beautiful planet. It may seem counterintuitive, but I know that many of you reading this know what I’m talking about. It is miraculous that we are here in these organic bodies on this organic physical planet of great beauty. Take pleasure in the little things – the sunlight shining on dewdrops, birdsongs, a feather floating on the breeze, a smile, a moment of true feeling of connection to all that is. Like a pebble dropped in calm water, we resonate this lightness, this connection, from the center of the bridge and it floats outward in concentric rings, an offering of love to all it touches. This is holding space and radiating love to all those in the process of freeing themselves from the structure of limitation and suppression. Just being in that space of love and creativity creates a resonance for all of Humanity.

Shine on,

Leilah and the Wisdom of Source

**Channel: Nancy Wallace Ward


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