Exposed, Purged, and Cleansed πŸ”₯❀️ – August 23, 2022

Nationwide law enforcement operation saves 121 actively missing kids, child sex trafficking victims

Large-scale U.S. Marshals operation ends in 260+ arrests throughout eastern Wisconsin

Kids-for-cash Pennsylvania former judges ordered to pay $200 million to victims

Federal judge who rules on immigration issues arrested for human smuggling

Investigators demonstrate confidence in evidence of Utah ritualistic child sex abuse

Former Wichita private school teacher sentenced for having sex with teenage student

Navi Mumbai – Pentecostal Pastor arrested for molesting minor girls; 45 children found stuffed in 2 rooms

Report: U.N. Staff Impregnated Girls as Young as 10 in Democratic Republic of Congo

Ex-Kansas cop Todd W. Allen a serial β€˜predator’ who sexually assaulted victims in parks: police

New NYPD watchdog loses job over series of sexual harassment allegations

Notoriously woke Virginia school district kept pedophile school counselor on staff a year AFTER bosses were told he’d been arrested for soliciting child prostitute

New Zealand Judge Declares 12-Year-Old Children Can Consent To Sex With Adults – News Punch

β€˜You are not honourable anymore’: Shamed into Iraq’s sex trade



He always pop up just so yall do not forget that he’s still got 31TB of very incriminating content of very high-profile people. πŸš¨πŸ‘€πŸš¨

John McAfee Faked His Death and is β€˜Still Alive’ in Texas, Ex-Girlfriend Claims in Netflix Doc

McAfee pops up on 4/20!

John McAfee activated a ‘Kill Switch’


This week’s CONvid clown comms… πŸ€‘πŸ’©πŸ€‘

Japan PM Kishida COVID positive, cancels African development conference trip

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia tests positive for COVID-19

Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley tests positive for COVID-19

Bogalusa mayor announces she has COVID-19

Police chief tests positive for Covid-19



Pedo Jack makes a cameo in the Elon & Twitter Saga. It will lead to ALL BIG TECH companies coordinating with one another in stealing People’s data β€” to monetize off of them, to track everyone’s move & to create a safe haven for pedophilia & child/human trafficking. All connected to DARPA, Pentagon, CIA & the usual DS satanic suspects.

Twitter Whistleblower Reveals Company Hid “Extreme, Egregious, Deficiencies”: Musk Subpoenas Dorsey & Ex-Security Chief

Judge rules Twitter must turn over documents to Elon Musk.

Apple Warns Hundreds of Millions of Users: Update Security Now, Security Flaw Found

Anti-competitive practices: Apple, Google, Netflix, Amazon India execs to depose before Parliamentary panel on Tuesday

The ELONgated Twitter DRIP DRQPS

(Elon) with (Apollo) buys (Twitter)

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