Is 5G Good For You? ~ August 23, 2022


Editor’s Note: in actuality, 5G may be handled “differently” in different areas of our world. I would not want to be exposed to 5G in China where this is probably a weaponized tool. Be aware that as a hospital Laboratory Director, I have witnessed pathologists seeing an increase of brain injury from cell phones held next to the head while talking.

On the other hand, Trump has instituted safeguards in America to safeguard our citizens from the more potentially harmful effects of 5G radiation ensuring we are safer from this potentially dangerous technology, leaving us to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


The Chinese Communist Party is spending hundreds of billions of dollars to fund Huawei’s 5G network in an attempt to lead the world in future communications. Many countries are pushing it back including Europe, the US, Japan, and Australia. Growing evidence indicates that CCP’s massive construction of 5G networks in China will only benefit Huawei at the cost of telecom carriers and users.

With Huawei’s decline, we see that the 5G race led by it is actually a big scam.

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